April 5 - 6, 2022

Drive user experiences. Transform digital outcomes.

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Realize IS BACK! Join thousands of forward-thinking industry leaders, digital adoption enthusiasts, WalkMe partners, and DAP Professionals at this ground-breaking event focused on transforming digital outcomes.

Get ready to be inspired by the future of digital adoption, learn how to drive amazing user experiences for employees and customers, and connect virtually with like-minded peers from around the globe. Register now to receive real-time updates ahead of the event.

Sneak peak into
Realize 2022

Realize 2022 will reveal that successful digital transformation is not about the software you buy or the experiences you accept, it is about user adoption. You will learn how the combination of data visibility, solving issues through action, and creating a great user experience-all on a single platform-can drive the user adoption needed to achieve enterprise digital transformation objectives.

Who should attend
Realize 2022?

  • Enterprise leaders.

    Realize the promise of technology to achieve business ROI. Gain visibility to overcome digital challenges. Meet other like-minded leaders and hear from digital adoption experts.

  • Business leaders.

    Gain awareness and clarity of the employee or customer journey and their productivity throughout. Then, increase employee productivity and transform the customer experience.

  • WalkMe Builders.

    Hear from your peers and WalkMe leadership on WalkMe best practices, tips and tricks, take part in WalkMe’s product roadmap, and share your own expertise.

The Realizer Awards.

As part of Realize 2022, we are hosting our annual “Realizer” awards. These awards spotlight companies and industry leaders that are using digital adoption to realize the full potential of technology in their respective spaces.


Are you a Realizer?
Apply by Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 for your chance to be recognized.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • What is Realize?
    WalkMe Realize will take place April 5-6, 2022, as a global virtual event, bringing together thousands of WalkMe customers, prospects and partners as well as media and analysts. WalkMe Realize is a two day event filled with inspiring conversations, thought-provoking presentations and networking opportunities with some of the most forward-thinking leaders in Digital Adoption.
  • When and where will Realize be?
    WalkMe Realize will take place virtually between April 5-6, 2022.
  • Why attend Realize?
    • Learn from industry experts: Hear from global digital adoption leaders as they deliver keynotes and breakout sessions, sharing the insights and tips you need to drive employee experiences and transform digital outcomes.
  • Who should attend Realize?
    Realize is exactly where you need to be if you’re looking to progress and develop your digital transformation strategy. Network with thousands of professionals just like you as you gain hands-on experience with some of the world’s foremost digital adoption experts.
  • How can I stay informed about Realize?
    Check out the event website here for more information and frequent updates. Additionally you can follow Walkme on LinkedIn and Twitter for important announcements.
  • Will there still be an in-person event in 2022?
    Realize will be an all virtual event in 2022.
  • Who do I contact for more information?
    You can contact your WalkMe representative for more information. Alternatively, feel free to email our Realize team at [email protected] with any questions.
  • How can I register for Realize?
    You can register by visiting the event site and clicking on the “Register” button.
  • Where will I be able to find the on-demand programming for Realize?
    Select session content from Realize will be available on-demand. You will be able to access on-demand content by visiting www.walkme.com/realize
  • What are the Realizer Awards?

    The Realizer Awards recognize Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) professionals and organizations that are pioneering digital adoption strategy and transformation, making a big impact on their customer and employee experiences, and driving ROI for their organization.