Behind the numbers.

We surveyed over 2,750 participants for this year’s annual State of Digital Adoption report to achieved a broadened perspective on current trends and new concepts such as AI and HyperProductivity.

Survey participants include:

Global firms icon

Global firms

Across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Executive and senior business leaders icon

Executive and senior business leaders

1,700 leaders across 16 industries.

Office and hybrid employees icon

Office and hybrid employees

Over 2,050 across nine departments.

Mid-sized and large enterprises icon

Mid-sized and large enterprises

Organisations of 500 or more employees.

What’s next for digital adoption?

In addition to saving $4.9 million a month, enterprises with a mature digital adoption approach see 18% higher ROI on digital transformation projects.

The State of Digital Adoption 2024

What’s next for digital adoption?

Elite digital adopters are on their way to achieving HyperProductivity, an aspirational state in which everyone can use any application with ease. It’s a future where companies have automated business processes and integrate technologies into one cohesive, streamlined workflow.