WalkMe solves the “learning decay” problem with moment-in-time guidance, streamlining staff training and improving knowledge retention.

The ability to fix-on-the-fly protects data integrity and eliminates errors, avoiding fulfillment issues and increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

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Darryl Crumblin

Sales Enablement Manager

Watch to see how Blackwoods transforms workflows, reducing risk and saving employee time with WalkMe.

Sales enablement manager Darryl Crumblin shares how Blackwoods migrated hundreds of sellers to Microsoft Dynamics with WalkMe and how they managed that change while reducing time-to-proficiency by 50% across a newly remote workforce.

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WalkMe is driving the right outcomes for our business and increasing proficiency.

Laila Iftikhar

VP Digital Success Management

The Adecco Group increases productivity and engagement by reducing workflow complexity and making apps more intuitive with WalkMe.

With WalkMe, Adecco creates self-service training content allowing employees to learn at their own pace.

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Discover how Adecco leverages WalkMe data and adoption technology to drive the change needed to support its transformation goals.

With WalkMe, The Adecco Group achieved 95% employee engagement and reduced support queries by 52%. Laila Iftikhar, VP Digital Success Management, explains how Adecco partnered with WalkMe to improve local success management capabilities and drive efficiencies across a global workforce.

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