The Next Frontier of Data-driven DAP

Digital Transformation Intelligence (DTI) is WalkMe’s vision for how companies can plan, prioritize and optimize their transformation initiatives, adoption projects and software investments. If this gets you and your team excited, we want you in the beta program!

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Innovators, join us.

Get early access.

Your team will be one of the first to see the new features available with DTI, like automatic app discovery and new engagement metrics.

Guide the direction.

Through 1:1 conversations with WalkMe teams, hands-on product tests, demos and even co-design sessions, your team will have a chance to guide where we go next with DTI.

Get rewarded.

Teams selected to join the beta will have the chance to be a part of exclusive educational, networking and promotional experiences for personal and professional development.

Get full tech stack visibility

Digital Transformation Intelligence starts with insights about your company tech stack and users, so you, your team and your business leaders can identify where digital adoption can have the greatest impact.

and data galore.

We’ve reimagined how you can put data to work for your projects and business outcomes, tying together our new features with our existing, best-in-class analytics tools. Digital Transformation Intelligence is not just a new product, it’s a new approach.

App discovery

User and departmental insights

Workflow analytics

AI-based form diagnostics

KPI management

Content and feature performance

Ready to go?

Here’s what’s next

We’re looking for customers that will benefit the most from the Digital Transformation Intelligence offering, so the application has some questions about your company that will help us determine if it’s a fit for right now. It could be a couple days, weeks or months until we're ready for you to participate, so thank you for your patience and for your interest in participating in the program.

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