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Innovative Company - Best Employee Experience Finalists 2024


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What business problems did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

In the bustling metropolis of ServiceNow, our organization faced the exciting challenge of evolving training methods and navigating the vast sea of data opportunities. However, we knew that with great challenges came even greater opportunities for innovation!

To seize these opportunities, we called upon our mighty Digital Adoption League!

With a strategy as dynamic as our superhero personas, we transformed mundane tasks into lightning-fast operations, ensuring each process flowed with the grace of a superhero in flight. Our tailored experiences were crafted with care, providing every team member with the personalized support they needed to unlock their full potential and become workplace superheroes!

But the true power of our digital adoption strategy lay in its data-driven approach. Like brilliant scientists, we analyzed every piece of data to uncover valuable insights that propelled our organization forward, ensuring our team soared to new heights of productivity and success!

Thanks to our superhero squad and their digital adoption strategy, our organization emerged triumphant, transforming the workplace into a vibrant hub of innovation and empowerment where every employee could unleash their superpowers!

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

In our heroic quest for workplace excellence, WalkMe emerged as our trusty sidekick, joining forces with other cutting-edge strategies and technologies to conquer our challenges! Like a high-tech gadget in our superhero utility belt, WalkMe’s Step-by-Step guidance, Launchers, and SmartTips guided our team through complex processes with ease, ensuring seamless onboarding and rapid proficiency. Integrated with our existing systems, including CRM and HR softwares, it created a unified digital ecosystem where every tool worked in harmony, eradicating inefficiencies like a superhero vanquishing villains.

With WalkMe’s analytics capabilities, utilizing tracked events and UII, we gained valuable insights into user behavior, enabling us to fine-tune our strategies and optimize user experiences. Paired with personalized training initiatives and ongoing support mechanisms, WalkMe became the linchpin of our digital transformation, empowering our workforce to unleash their full potential and emerge victorious in the battle for workplace supremacy!

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users (customers and/or employees), your team, and leadership?

With WalkMe’s power coursing through our systems, we’ve achieved feats beyond imagination! Across 64 intricate realms of data and software, WalkMe orchestrates over 4.8 million interactions within a single revolution of the sun. This isn’t just mere statistics; it’s the pulsating heartbeat of our digital empire, driving us forward with the force of a mighty superhero.

With its guidance, our team navigates through the labyrinthine depths of digital tasks like seasoned heroes, accelerating onboarding processes with the swiftness of a lightning bolt. Support requests diminish like defeated foes in our wake, allowing us to focus our energies on nobler pursuits.

And the treasures we’ve uncovered on this heroic journey! The productivity cost savings, a towering mountain of gold, exceeding $2.3 million. The training savings, a priceless gemstone, shining brightly at over $2.1 million. These are the spoils of victory, the rewards of aligning ourselves with WalkMe’s mighty force.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

In our heroic quest to elevate WalkMe into the revered Problem-Solving Platform (PSP), our team embarked on a mission worthy of legendary status. Armed with the vision to expand its precognitive superpower and shatter the misconception of WalkMe merely as a training platform, our mission was clear: Make People Smile by crafting solutions that people love, Drive True Productivity through automated innovations, and Always Be Launching WalkMe items.

We’ve achieved extraordinary results, generating over $39M in benefits. With WalkMe’s precognitive abilities, we’ve not only met but exceeded our goals, delighting users with intuitive solutions, revolutionizing productivity with automated features, and continuously launching new WalkMe innovations.

In our epic journey alongside WalkMe, we’ve embraced the mantra: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Together, we’ve unleashed the full potential of WalkMe, transforming it into the ultimate Problem-Solving Platform—a beacon of hope, efficiency, and inspiration.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

What fills us with the greatest pride is our superheroic journey of implementation and success. Much like mastering the art of playing the piano, we’ve understood that true transformation comes from action, not just theory.

We’ve embraced this philosophy by diving into the digital fray, engaging with WalkMe’s capabilities firsthand, and igniting sparks of innovation across our organization. Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts, from soaring productivity to the jubilant smiles of our team, is akin to striking the perfect chord on the keys of progress.

We’ve not only learned the notes of success but played them with passion and precision, stimulating the very essence of superheroic change in our organization’s DNA. It’s this hands-on approach, this daring leap into the unknown, that fills us with pride as we continue to shape the digital future with unwavering resolve and boundless enthusiasm!

Please share any additional information about your role in the project, your results, and/or your vision for the future that supports your submission.

We, as digital superheroes, are gearing up for our next epic quest: unleashing the power of GenAI! Our mission is to weave surprise magical interactions into every digital realm, captivating our audience and boosting loyalty and engagement. With a touch of enchantment and hyper personalization, we’ll turn every interaction into a thrilling adventure. Additionally, we’re set to supercharge productivity proficiency, tying adoption metrics to every endeavor.

In 2024, our vision is clear: to become the champions of digital innovation, empowering our organization to soar to new heights!

If you're using WalkMe outside of the project described in this submission, please share additional examples.

As digital superheroes, we’ve extended our reach beyond our inner sanctum to bring WalkMe’s magic to our customers! With over +340K interactions already under our belt, we’re unleashing WalkMe’s power to guide and delight, aiming to amass even greater impact as we venture forth into new digital territories!

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