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DAP Manager of the Year Finalists

Sarvanan Tirrnav

Senior Director, Global HR Operations

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What business problem(s) did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

There is an increased focus on overall Employee Digital Experience and the ease of use of our global Application Portfolio. Consequently, several businesses have expressed a need for an in-application navigation tool and virtual assistant.

During an enterprise wide ‘Have a say’ campaign in 2020, employees raised the significant feedback that process, and system simplification is a key opportunity.

  • Deliver a scalable solution that would integrate directly into all our cross-technology platforms, making information more discoverable and available right at the point of need to our employees.
  • Show the business case and value realization from the technology investments we make, whether the tool or the process delivers the intended goals.

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

Achieve digital transformation success, with a range of benefits:

  • Efficient and effective self-service, eliminating empty clicks and driving automation
  • Reduction in self-service disruptiveness and less support tickets
  • Simplified navigation through step by step in app guidance
  • Increased Employee Experience, providing the right information, at the right time, in the right place
  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement, gaining insights to the behavioral journey of employees and their capabilities

Deliver insights from the WalkMe Analytics platform that captures:

  • Survey data capture of live employee feedback from the process walk throughs we have enabled, to tell the story via the Insights dashboard
  • Behavioral insights from tracked funnels from the diff business processes
  • Technical insights from page clicks, form submissions, baseline user behavior (before and after), # of times an employee accesses the application, where they access it from, # of times they interact with WalkMe content, what employees are searching for help for, etc.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users?

PepsiCo has a myriad of applications and needs to deliver a user-friendly digital employee experience across all cohorts of employees to render a cross functional usability across the entire ecosystem of a business process. We’re in year 1 of our journey and benchmarking user experience to build on.

The objective is to provide a flexible, best practice-based approach, templated for launching and receiving real time feedback at all levels of the organization.

  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement, collecting analytics in a non-invasive way to measure adoption and friction.
  • Eliminate non-value-added steps & navigation required by our employees to simplify the process.
  • Engage with employees in the flow of work, personalizing the process to their needs, and accelerate the adoption of our digital technology.
  • Proactively guide the employees through processes for faster & intuitive experiences, providing the right info, at the right time, in the right place.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your team and/or leadership team?

  • Deliver modernized employee experience with country specific settings with real time feedback to drive better business outcomes and improved performance and behavior through increased collaboration and innovation.
  • Promotes self-service throughout the use of the digital business process in different languages and saves time and money on help desk support calls.

PepsiCo is an organization of continuous learning that supports digital transformation. The strategy is to create an engagement model to drive employee productivity with just in time user training. This will increase feature adoption, replacing time consuming traditional training methods including release notes and eLearning.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

The end goal is to drive down X% reduction in tickets to the service center and drive up self service. We’re live with WalkMe on 6 global cloud solutions- Gloat, Beqom, SAP Successfactors, Guild, ServiceNow, SAP S4/HANA.

On Beqom, Annual Performance Rewards Compensation cycle process, here are the insights:

  • 94% of users (out of 750 survey responses) found guidance helpful in navigating year-end processes
  • Automation resulted in 75% reduction in time for users to view Dashboards (3 hrs to 1 hr)
  • Increased end user efficiency savings ~4k hours
  • 32,063 users generated 152,807 WalkMe engagements

On SAP Successfactors, Performance Management Objective Setting:

  • 90% of users found it helpful
  • 50% reduction in objectives being deleted accidentally
  • Increased end user efficiency saving ~8K hours

On ‘Gloat’ for Career and Development:

  • Automation resulted in click reduction (4-1) 2,440 times when swapping languages
  • Increased end user efficiency and saved them ~10k hours

How has the success of your digital adoption strategy helped to change the perceptions or attitudes of your stakeholders?

With many global digital transformation programs underway, other business functions driving transformations like PepsiCo Global Template using S4/HANA and Global Business Services using ServiceNow for requestable services, there is an increasing complexity of the digital enterprise solutions landscape, and constant change in process and functionality.

These other business functions saw some of the quick wins in HR applications using WalkMe in 2021 and wanted to improve their user base experience, efficiency, productivity, reduce support & training needs, and ultimately increase the value of corporate investments on digital solutions.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

Prior to WalkMe, our adoption metrics show engagement drops significantly along the way through the process, which tells us that our process is too time consuming. Now, we’re gradually capturing metrics and will be able to tell a compelling story in 2022 to scale WalkMe across other business functions.

As we scale up, I can see improved associate experience by enabling them to focus on meaningful work and reducing change fatigue that comes with rapid digital transformation.
It will be a game changer for onboarding thousands of new employees every year, besides these benefits here:

  • Welcome Shoutouts for new users with a customized onboarding menu
  • Walkthroughs for top support tickets for maximum impact
  • Smart Tips for onscreen contextual guidance and form completion
  • Launchers built to provide page overviews

I’m the global program digital adoption owner for HR applications to enable a robust digital employee experience. Alongside, I’ve been partnering with other PepsiCo business stakeholders across Pepsi Global Template, Global Business Services, R&D, IT, and many other functions to showcase the value proposition using WalkMe.

My vision is to build a competency center in PepsiCo for WalkMe besides these key deliverables below:

  • Make WalkMe the de facto tool for all new implementations or updates
  • Develop a citizen developer model to enable teams to do their own WalkMe implementations
  • Move away from traditional training channels that require frequent process changes, and difficult to update training content.
  • Leverage In-app training needs for self-service employee training and on-demand quick-help references.
  • Drive up internal systems user satisfaction scores. Alleviate pain points on complexity and learning curve; and provide users with a better, more efficient just in time support.

About your company

PepsiCo is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies with over $70 Billion in Net Revenue and a global portfolio of diverse brands, that includes 22 brands that each generated more than $1 Billion in annual retail sales, sold in more than 200 countries. PepsiCo’s strength is its people. We are game changers, mountain movers and history makers driving the world’s largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands. We believe that acting ethically and responsibly is the only the right thing to do; to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into our business strategy, leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment.