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Best Employee Experience Finalists

Red Hat

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What business problem(s) did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

Red Hat has been operating on a highly-customized Salesforce Classic interface. IT has informed the business that no further configurations can be made to the system.

However, sales leaders identified several scenarios where users were failing to follow proper business processes and entering erroneous or incomplete data. Traditional methods of enablement – such as email communications, job aids, and training sessions – were attempted, but the results were less than optimal.

The Red Hat Digital Adoption team began to strategize and deploy WalkMe to provide sales users with on-screen guidance at the exact moment of need to:

  • Avoid unnecessary re-work
  • Preserve data integrity
  • Speed up the time it takes to close sales
  • Reduce frustration and improve the user experience

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

WalkMe is often used as tier 0 self-service support. When users see the “Red Hat Guided Help” menu in 25 internal applications across the organization, they know to expect customized performance support material that they can reference during the flow of work and in the exact moment of need.

The Digital Adoption team also collaborates with other internal teams across Red Hat to provide users with support.Learning and Development teams often use WalkMe content as their foundation to create job aids or Knowledge Base Articles. We collaborate with Comms teams to share in-app announcements via ShoutOuts.

WalkMe content will soon be available on an enterprise-wide bot. For instance, if a user asks the generic bot, “how do I request PTO,” a list of potential support items will be shown. One of these items is a permalink; when the user clicks it, the respective WalkMe content on Workday will automatically launch.

We are partnering with the Service Management Office to provide these same permalinks for content searches in ServiceNow.

We are also working with the Service Management Office to identify the top 50 Knowledge Base articles that help desk personnel share with associates to help them resolve their own service issues. In an attempt to reduce the number of tickets being opened, we are proactively working with platform and process owners across Red Hat to deploy WalkMe for self-service support, so that users don’t need to open a ticket in the first place.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users?

Sales users are known for wanting to get in and out of an application as quickly as possible, in order to move on to the next sales opportunity.

The Red Hat Digital Adoption team is committed to serving these users in Salesforce with on-screen content that improves their productivity and deflects unnecessary re-work.

Business Unit Guidance is a process that occurs when a sales associate requests approval for a high-tier discount. The pain point was only 20% of sales associates submitted the required information for the request. This created a stream of re-work that took approximately two days to complete.

We added automation in Salesforce that detects when an associate selects this type of discount and autofills a template, prompting users to provide all of the required information upfront. After deploying WalkMe, a whopping 80% of sales associates submitted the discount request per the proper business process – resulting in dramatically reduced amount of time required to close sales.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your team and/or leadership team?

Cross-functional leaders across Red Hat recognize the value that Digital Adoption provides. WalkMe is deployed to 25 internal applications, where we reach 20,000+ associates and consultants on applications such as Salesforce, Concur, and Workday.

Before large-scale projects and applications are brought into IT, they are routed through a formalized intake and management process which focuses on end-to-end execution and value realization. The deployment of WalkMe – including Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) and on-screen guided help – is one of the foundational elements shared with program and project delivery teams during the early stages of an enterprise transformation.

The Digital Adoption team is able to demonstrate how DXA can help platform owners learn more about user behavior on applications. Process owners can also see how on-screen guided help can drive the required user action. Combined, this strategy helps to improve the associate experience across Red Hat.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

For Red Hat as a whole, the largest benefit is increased productivity across our internal applications and the cost savings that come with that.

When creating a new customer project in our Professional Services Automation tool, sales associates need to add several non-billable milestones that are common to every project. It’s a repetitive and tedious process that is prone to human error.

To reduce the friction on the process, we added WalkMe automation that is triggered by a simple click on a launcher button. The WalkMe solution automatically populates nine fields with correct data. With DXA, we can see that users who do not engage with WalkMe take 30 minutes on average to complete the process.

Users who engage with WalkMe, however, take on average 8 minutes to complete the process. The result of the WalkMe implementation is built-in data integrity along with a time savings that averages $11,591 saved per month, due to the volume of engagement with this solution.

How has the success of your digital adoption strategy helped to change the perceptions or attitudes of your stakeholders?

Red Hat associates are independent, tech-savvy, and opinionated by nature. If a tool is not providing value or (worse yet) considered to be intrusive, they vocalize that opinion loudly and clearly. Red Hat leadership takes those sentiments seriously.

When a Red Hatter raises a “how to” question in any one of our multiple internal forums, there will often be several replies urging that Red Hatter to leverage the WalkMe guidance.

The most exciting part of that is those replies are not coming from the Digital Adoption team; rather, they are coming from other associates who know the content we create and deploy is customized to our organization’s needs and is there to provide help during the moment of need.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

The Red Hat Digital Adoption team partners with our internal customers to develop solutions whose value can be measured immediately and grows over time.

When a user clicks a button labeled “Configure Products” in Salesforce, their quote is sent off for approval. The pain point occurred when sales associates were clicking the button on approved quotes. This additional click wastes four hours of unnecessary rework per quote.

To close this break in the business process, we added an invisible launcher on top of the button. When users click the button, a warning appears that the quote is already approved, giving users the opportunity to back out before kicking off the repeat process by mistake.

Within one month of deployment, this solution saved over 700 hours of wasted time. Within nine months after deployment, the solution continues to provide value in saving 5,464 hours of unnecessary duplicate work. This is a powerful impact for such a simple solution.

As soon as the Digital Adoption team deploys WalkMe, we measure value. If engagement is low, we examine our tracked events/funnels to observe any drop-offs. We see how long a process takes for users who engage with WalkMe vs. users who don’t. We fine-tune our content and share results with customers. We’ll continue to provide this customized service and let the data help drive our decisions.

We are striving to focus on anticipating user needs, rather than responding to them. This means we’ll work to creatively leverage Behavior Based Segmentation. We predict a Workstation rollout for Mac and Windows users. We hope to expand our reach with mobile implementations to other apps with a snippet deployment.

From a user experience view, we’ll strive to provide a thoughtfully-crafted and meaningful experience for associates. Finally, we are combining our strengths with those of the Robotic Process Automation team, to create a frictionless experience.

With WalkMe, great things are possible!

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