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Rookie of the Year Finalists

Ewa Światczyńska

Digital Learning Expert

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What business problem(s) did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

The challenge was to deliver world class training to support AstraZeneca’s new P2P platform Coupa implementation, which impacts AZ’s end users across 12 global hubs and markets, including Helpdesk, Accounts Payable, TGPS and Procurement Teams.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, with in person training not an option, we needed a way to drive user adoption of the Coupa Platform (used by 24,000 employees) to boost their productivity and reduce repetitive, process-related questions.

With WalkMe, we wanted to limit traditional training resources, reduce the number of Helpdesk tickets and improve the user experience of Coupa. We needed a tool to improve the change management strategy in regards to communicating new Coupa features or updates.

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

With WalkMe, within 10 months, we have built 186 different solutions to help guide and onboard our AZ employees onto the new Coupa Platform.

  • We have mostly focused on the SmartTips to avoid overwhelming users with too many pop-up messages and, thanks to these users filling in forms in Coupa, it is much easier and the number of errors has decreased.
  • We have aligned the look & feel of the WalkMe guidance with the Coupa design, so our employees can access additional help without knowing that it is another application built on top of the Coupa platform.
  • We have also built a couple of Smart WalkThrus to guide users through the most common business process in Coupa and to avoid common questions sent to the Training & Helpdesk Team.

Moreover, we have created the Onboarding Checklist for new users to give them an overview of the Homepage and make sure their profiles are set correctly on Day 1.

We have also linked our Coupa Knowledge Base to the WalkMe Guidance Menu, so that the users can now search for any topic and be presented with related knowledge articles & how-to videos.
When it comes to the communication with the users, we have used the ShoutOut functionality in WalkMe to promote new features in the system and all changes related to the Coupa Releases.

Lastly, in order to improve the user experience, 6 months after the go-live date, we have launched an NPS Survey via WalkMe to gather feedback from the employees.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users?

This successful transformation to online training demonstrates a positive transformation in training delivery and ongoing support, improving end user adoption, accelerating end users through their learning journey, and maximizing productivity.

Thanks to the implementation of WalkMe, we have noticed the significant reduction in the Helpdesk tickets – meaning users can easily find the answers they need in the Coupa platform. They can also take in-app training tailored to their needs, and this saves a couple of hours they would spend in the classroom training sessions.

Thanks to the detailed instructions and automation feature, the transition process from the old iBuy platform to Coupa is smoother. Users can access step-by-step guidance for the most important process during the Cutover Period: how to recreate the Purchase Orders from iBuy in Coupa.

Thanks to the ShoutOuts, End Users are always up to date with all the changes in the system and new features.

WalkMe has definitely improved the training approach & ongoing support for employees, which has been confirmed as per below testimonials:

‘Oh my gosh! Yes on WalkMe! Used WalkMe for new orders – great. Some have, some haven’t yet used WalkMe – can we promote WalkMe more?’

‘Practiced a lot with WalkMe and features before go-live and this prepared me for a live environment.’

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your team and/or leadership team?

As a member of the Training Team, I can say that WalkMe has definitely changed the approach to the training activities.

Thanks to the direct links to our Knowledge Base, we don’t have to update each training material twice – with WalkMe it is updated automatically, saving our team 1 hour a week on average in repetitive tasks. We were also able to reduce the number of training materials – instead we built SmartTips and Smart Walk-Thrus.

WalkMe has also saved us some time on the creation of comms to the End Users. Every time there is a change in the system, new Coupa Release, or new WalkMe feature, we display a ShoutOut.

We incorporated WalkMe into the demos and exercises during the Coupa Training Sessions; now it’s easier for the trainers to run the training without the script – they can use WalkMe instead. And, we teach End Users on how to use WalkMe in Coupa from the very beginning.

Moreover, every time there is a new joiner at our company, we can just share the link to the Onboarding Checklist in Coupa, which saves us the time we would have spent on the Instructor-led training.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

Through implementing WalkMe, AZ wanted to support and to be aligned with Coupa P2P key success metrics and business case priorities: increase percentage of transactions involving structured spend, reduce the number of Helpdesk tickets – especially around navigational queries, and improve NPS for Coupa.

Additionally, in alignment with AstraZeneca’s HR strategy and adopting the 3E’s approach (Learning Through Experience, Education, Exposure), WalkMe has supported the first pillar which is Learning Through Experience.

We wanted to achieve user engagement at the level of 75% within 10 months of the WalkMe platform, as our specific target to support the business case metrics. Each month we’ve been analyzing the data from the Insights Platform in terms of user engagement.

Our goal for 2021 was to achieve 75% of users interacting with WalkMe items – and we are very proud that we overachieved this goal with an engagement rate of 86%. We’ve also observed that the average number of user interactions has increased from 6 to almost 15, meaning users who need guidance in Coupa are using WalkMe more often.

Thanks to WalkMe we’ve also observed a significant reduction in Helpdesk tickets. We’ve been analyzing the number of navigation queries each month:

  • The number of queries sent to the Helpdesk for our main business process, which is ‘How to create a requisition,’ has decreased by 95%.
  • We’ve also received fewer tickets on how to set up a user profile. That proves the built-in Coupa Guidance is helping users find the answers they need, without contacting the Helpdesk.

WalkMe has also contributed to an improvement of the NPS score for P2P (from 2.8 to 3.1) and supported users in choosing the right buying channels (increase of spend through structured buying channels from 50% to 97%).

How has the success of your digital adoption strategy helped to change the perceptions or attitudes of your stakeholders?

The adoption of digital tools such as WalkMe, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown that adoption of new technology through traditional training methods is no longer a fixed requirement.

We’ve seen first hand with WalkMe that the use of in-platform guidance, at the point of execution, is more effective than the classroom training of old.

The perception and acceptance of this new approach is something that the organization has begun to welcome and has changed the perception of end users who have traditionally struggled adapting to the change.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

Speed to onboard, speed to create and speed of execution is what I am most proud of with our implementation of Coupa.

I am proud that the implementation of WalkMe took only 10 months and that I have achieved all of our goals, engaged 86% of our employees, and built impactful solutions that have been noticed by other teams across AstraZeneca.

As a WalkMe Product Owner, I have created the Governance Model that resulted in Monthly Requests Review meetings with the Project Team, one agreed and streamlined process for building, testing & implementing new solutions.

As a WalkMe Builder, within 10 months, I have built 186 different solutions to help guide and onboard our AZ employees onto the new Coupa Platform. I’ve been responsible not only for creating but also testing everything.

I have initiated quick ‘New Features’ videos, published on Workplace each month, to promote everything new we have built with WalkMe. I’m also in charge of the WalkMe Monthly Newsletter where I share all metrics, new features, and plans for the next month with key stakeholders.

I have given a couple of demos across different teams at our company, which resulted in promotion of the WalkMe Platform; our work has been recognized by these teams and they are interested in implementation of WalkMe Platform.

Our vision is to expand WalkMe to other platforms across the organization and create one central WalkMe Team.

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