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Innovative Company - Best Customer Experience Finalists 2024

Mitchell International

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What business problems did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

Our initial business proposition was to provide a more agile and robust solution to traditional ‘tour bus’ style customer support during the rollout of a new software product. Our product was to be the first in a completely restructured system that was planned as a template for all Mitchell software moving forward.

We needed a partner and solution that could grow with our product and provide solutions to business needs as they arose. While doing a comparative analysis of several similar tools, WalkMe stood out as a team that was not only looking to perfect their initial suite of solutions, but to grow and innovate utilizing the information and connections that were already being leveraged in the basic training and support functionality.

Since that initial release, we’ve found an increasing number of business needs that could be solved with our ingenuity and WalkMe’s guidance. The strong partnership we’ve fostered together has led to more successes than we thought possible when we first signed the contract six years ago.

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

After the initial implementation plan to utilize Walk-Thrus as a primary learning tool, we engaged with a variety of other teams to provide solutions to unique issues they were facing, including:

  1. Running a Marketing Campaign via Shoutouts, which led to a two-fold increase in leads over its active period.
  2. Running user reports to measure Customer Engagement to identify low usage accounts and target them with an outreach program.
  3. Using Tracked Events to evaluate the success of a new feature by targeting interactions that were key to several different workflows.
  4. Creating user alerts via ShoutOuts, which provided clarity on functionality that was accidentally made available to the wrong user group until the development team could patch the issue.
  5. Creating a paired “?” icon-based launcher and shoutout to alert users to new functionality that could significantly impact their workflow.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users (customers and/or employees), your team, and leadership?

Our end users are busy people, juggling multiple aspects of the vehicle repair journey from capturing the initial incident, evaluating repair costs, accounting for parts down to the tiniest bolt, and getting the keys back in their customers’ hands so they can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

The always available nature of WalkMe helps provide the focused content they need to quickly find answers to their questions without having to search through pages of support material, conduct internet research or pick up the phone.

We see this in our support incident volumes with WalkMe accounting for 45-55 percent of our total support events monthly. Beyond this, during large volume rollouts the support that Walk-Thrus and Resources provide can reach 80 percent of our total support events.

During a recent client rollout, a trend in the software’s usage was identified by the customer, which was impacting their reporting. We quickly deployed a ShoutOut to address the trend and saw results within days of getting the information in front of the user in the product. Without WalkMe, we would have spent untold hours contacting each user to correct the behavior.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

A driving aspect of our philosophy is the concept of “proper and safe repair”, which is to say that our software is designed to assist automotive body shops with returning vehicles to the road properly, safely, and efficiently following a collision. To do that, our customers need access to critical vehicle and repair information as they restore the automobile to pre-accident condition and recalibrate its safety systems, if necessary.

With WalkMe, we can alert clients to new vehicle data and important updates—helping them stay current on the latest repair methods required of today’s modern vehicles with the goal that they have all the information necessary to deliver a proper and safe repair.

One of our company’s core values is adaptability. With WalkMe, we deliver new products and product enhancements along with the associated usage best practices simultaneously. This has assisted our customers with adapting to product changes more easily while increasing the adoption rate of new features.

Specifically, we’ve seen an increase of WalkMe usage during new rollouts with only a marginal increase in support call volume. During these periods WalkMe usage often jumps to more than 75% of total support incidents.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

Our biggest successes are the support we’ve provided to new partners and/or feature rollouts.

When working with the scale of hundreds to thousands of new accounts added in bursts over a 2-3 month periods, the always on, asynchronous nature of our WalkMe implementation has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in support calls and on-site training costs; allowing our users to get the help they need during off hours and independent of live training schedules.

By providing our customers with self-paced, in-product support, we achieved several goals, including:

  1. Decreased time to value for our larger partners and our end users
  2. Increased adoption rates over the months following a rollout
  3. Reduced impact to our customer support teams, thus limiting wait times for the users that need support with technical issues rather than ‘how-to’ guidance.

Please share any additional information about your role in the project, your results, and/or your vision for the future that supports your submission.

As the leader of the APD Product Knowledge and Learning team, Ben Baxter has guided the implementation of WalkMe and now TeachMe across Mitchell and its parent company, Enlyte.

With more than six years of WalkMe partnership, he has not only eased the growing pains of incorporating WalkMe in new Enlyte software, but also provided guidance on how to best work with cross-functional teams beyond just training to include service operations and marketing. He envisions a world in which WalkMe and TeachMe are used across all Enlyte products as the core of a cohesive and unified customer support and communication experience.

If you're using WalkMe outside of the project described in this submission, please share additional examples.

The addition of TeachMe to our flagship product has led to vast improvement in customer engagement with our long form training material. In the first month after deployment, more users had completed the initial four training courses in TeachMe than had even enrolled in the matching courses within our Learning Management System.

About your organization

Mitchell International, Inc., an Enlyte company, delivers smart technology solutions and services to the auto insurance and collision repair markets. Through deep industry expertise, connections throughout the insurance ecosystem and advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and cloud-based solutions, Mitchell enables its customers to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment. Each month, the company processes tens of millions of transactions for more than 300 insurance providers and 20,000 collision repair facilities.