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Innovative Company - Best Customer Experience Finalists 2024

Johnson & Johnson Vision

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What business problems did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

Johnson & Johnson Vision is an industry leader in the eyecare and contact lens space and our products are available to purchase from brick and mortar eye care providers, to third party distributors, and most importantly directly from our brand. The Global eCommerce and Innovation team is tasked with increasing the overall market share and the percentage of JnJ Vision products that are purchased directly from the brand, both of which offer their own unique challenges.

The Global Ecommerce team has five platforms that compromise critical customer touch points with the JnJ Vision brand that include educational and scientific resources (PRO), direct to provider sales (OrderCenter), direct to patient sales (CheckOut), direct to consumer sales (Shop), and a Preferred Partnership & Analytics tool (GPN). These platforms are built on different systems that have limited ability to update/change UX needs.

Our Digital Adoption Strategy empowers the business with agile tools to address customer needs without expensive and limited development resources. WalkMe has been adopted in 2020 and our footprint and deployments have expanded greatly from the US only to now being deployed in over twenty countries across the globe.

Simply put, WalkMe allows JnJVision to personalize customer needs in real time leading to increase in sales, decrease in customer support tickets and overall higher customer happiness scores.

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

With the focus on brand loyalty and market share the JJVisionCare platform is currently being redesigned with a modern UI for NAM markets and will be hosted on a user friendly CMS that will allow JnJ Vision to further customize content, media and marketing collateral. Outside of these controls, the other strategies include requesting development resources which are expensive, limited in scope, and have a long lead time – OR to ask the sales team to do a large campaign push to promote awareness which would distract them from their typical responsibilities.

WalkMe has been heavily adopted by JJV over the past four years and is the primary tool used to engage with our customers directly on the platform. In 2023, we deployed 251 unique WalkMe deployables across US, Canada, and the UK, which was a 151% YOY increase on 2022. We also launched WalkMe for the first time on the US Preferred Partner Portal (GPN).

In 2024, WalkMe was expanded to 20 new regions in EMEA, APAC & the Caribbean for both JJV Pro & Order Center significantly increasing WalkMe’s ability to reach our global customer base.

We can break down our WalkMe strategy into six primary categories:

  1. Introduce new features, functions & products
  2. Ease ongoing UX/CX friction points and reduce reliance on developers
  3. Increase retention rates and potential for upselling and cross-selling
  4. Solicit Customer/Customer Feedback
  5. Reduce call volume into our customer service center
  6. Providing insights into underlying platform usage

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users (customers and/or employees), your team, and leadership?

Our WalkMe digital adoption strategy benefits are felt across the organization. Our customers were provided with WalkMe content to help them self service on tools like a new and improved FAQ and self service Help Menu, online returns, order status & tracking, taking advantage of available inventory, new user onboarding, pricing updates, product discontinuations & promotions.

Our team was able to utilize WalkMe to increase our impact on the previously mentioned topics across North America and the UK. Then in 2024, we were able to support our global partners launching two new features (order status and product availability) to over twenty countries.

From a leadership perspective, we are all to report on marketing campaign conversions, increase in user self service, and most importantly our customers’ NPS.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

We are able to track our impact to our end users using WalkMe by a variety of key metrics. The first is our Annual NPS campaign, known as the Voice of the Customer, using WalkMe Surveys. This score forms the benchmark for our success year over year.

In 2023, we received over 2,000 survey submissions and ended the year with a NPS of 73! Our benchmark is a 5% year over year improvement, so the target for 2024 has been set.

We deployed a new and improved WalkMe Help Menu with over 100 assets that saw Self-Service Engagement improvement of 289% in a 2-month period!

WalkMe supported the use of a new Online Return feature in the US that contributed to 26% increase in customer self service for returns. In the UK, WalkMe increased the adoption of the Online Return feature by over 100% in less than 1 week!

WalkMe also decreased customer service calls on back orders, caused by global supply chains, by an estimated 33% during a critical period.

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

What makes me most proud about WalkMe is our team’s ability to collaborate with and impact the different areas of our business.

We can use WalkMe to drive the top line strategic initiatives provided by our leadership team, and most importantly give them metrics and data to showcase our success. We are able to work with our Marketing & Sales teams to help promote new product launches and increase sales and give them WalkMe analytics that tracks conversion rates & successes of campaigns.

We collaborate with our customer service team to help reduce the volume of incoming calls and help our customers self-serve. We can track our customers’ journeys on the application and understand what features are adopted and which are neglected and adjust resources accordingly.

Most importantly, we are able to work with our customers and improve their experience with JJV on a whole. WalkMe’s ability to quickly deploy surveys that act as the “Voice of Customer” allows us to stay close to them and improve their satisfaction.

Please share any additional information about your role in the project, your results, and/or your vision for the future that supports your submission.

The value provided by WalkMe was palpable and our success was quickly spread throughout the department. Now, instead of the marketing and digital transformation teams being the last ones involved in a project we are brought into strategic conversations from Day 1. Everyone wants to hear about how we can utilize WalkMe and how it can solve the problems and challenges being encountered.

Our team was showcased in a company wide meeting called “Translating Success Models” where we highlighted WalkMe’s impact on the business. The excitement was palpable and we showed off how WalkMe is helping JJV stay on the cutting edge of Digital Adoption.

Our vision for the future is to utilize WalkMe to be the primary tool for us to influence the customer experience and their behavior across our suite of applications.

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Understanding that eye health needs change over a lifetime—from contacts to cataracts, we have built a unified, global organization that collaborates, innovates, and works seamlessly together to care for patients at every stage in their eye health journey.

As the only eye health company with health at its core, as part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and with a history of innovation firsts, we are uniquely positioned to reimagine the future of eye health and deliver an all-encompassing portfolio of solutions to transform our patients’ lives.