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Innovative Company - Best Customer Experience Finalists 2024


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What business problems did your organization / project face, and why did you choose a digital adoption strategy to help you solve it?

Two business pain points were communicated from a customer in a partner department. The customer was seeing our employees closing leads with the wrong reasons and at times prematurely instead of converting to a prospect status with an accurate closure reason. The employees were also leaving a required comment field blank because the system would not prevent saving when the field was blank. The developer of the RealPage ILM Lead Management application was approached, but unable to assist due to other companies using the application with varying requirements. These pain points showed in the form of errors in reporting data used to gauge marketing effectiveness – ultimately skewing the marketing team’s ability to determine where marketing funds should be spent.

We chose WalkMe as the best strategy, because the approach would allow us to guide employees to use accurate lead closure reasons, require comments, and require lead conversion when applicable. The Property Systems Training Department already has 191 solutions in production for business pain points that we have created for employees and customers in partner departments.

I am building and maintaining the solutions in 10 products with expansion planned into new products this year. I work with customers to solve pain points which in the past may have taken an extensive amount of time from a systems perspective and continue to create frustration across multiple departments.

How did you use WalkMe, in conjunction with other strategies and technologies, to address your challenges?

We used WalkMe to add a SmartTip to the required comments field to ensure employees were prompted to enter text into the field before saving. An invisible Launcher was added to the Save button with SmartWalk-Thru to block saving and redirect the employees who were attempting to close a lead prematurely instead of converting to a prospect status to locate the accurate closure reason – or if the employee left the required comment field blank, to force text entry into the applicable field.

We use WalkMe to boost digital adoption by engaging our employees directly within our internal applications to provide moment of need guidance. It has helped us establish self-service habits and reduce support tickets submitted by our employees.

With WalkMe, we have targeted specific processes employees struggle with even after on-demand or instructor-led training. We have used WalkMe to fix system deficiencies even before a product developer has fully formulated a resolution or in some cases when they are unable to help. WalkMe has been used to solve data integrity issues and eliminate errors, resulting in an increase of satisfaction with our employees and customers in partner departments. We helped other internal departments see the value in WalkMe as the best in class solution for Digital Adoption Platforms.

How does your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, impact or benefit your end-users (customers and/or employees), your team, and leadership?

The WalkMe solution has saved a total of 1,361 hours with a value produced of $39,455 since release in March 2024. WalkMe ensures proactive mitigation of the issues and data integrity for clients. The employees can focus on better customer service through the lifecycle of a lead, and our customers in the partner department can accurately allocate marketing dollars for clients.

In 2023, Greystar Property Systems Training saved a total of 416,633 hours and with a value produced of $11,942,720 with published solutions. With WalkMe, we are able to be agile with our approach to digital adoption to address system deficiencies, known issues as a result of a system break, change management due to system upgrades, training, collect feedback with surveys, and communicate with employees more effectively.

WalkMe is seamless when needing to inform our employees of critical business topics/issues, as well as change their system behaviors in real time. It created a new avenue to work with our customers in partner departments to address pain points and promote Greystar standard operating procedures. Leadership uses WalkMe Insights data to gauge the time saved and money as it relates to Greystar resources.

How has your digital adoption strategy, especially with regard to WalkMe, helped your organization better achieve its mission, goals, or values?

With the implementation of WalkMe, user happiness has increased and help tickets have decreased. One use case includes the use of WalkMe to communicate how to Clear Cache after each monthly upgrade of the system. This instruction decreased this ticket type by 91%.

The learning provided through WalkMe also addresses change management. When a new workflow was implemented and required a best practice for how to enter a financial note, the best practice had 100% adoption. WalkMe has saved each property an average of $511 per month.

The implementation of WalkMe contributed to an increase in Training Magazine’s ranking of Greystar by 38 places and we were a recipient of a 2024 APEX Award. (Training Magazine’s Training APEX Awards are a worldwide ranking of organizations that excel at training and human capital development. They reflect the winners’ journey to attain peak performance in employee training and development and organizational success.)

What about your implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

The Greystar Property Systems Training Department implementation of WalkMe has been organized and effective. We took the approach early on to ensure every solution had a value story with a marketing video we could provide to customers in partner departments within Greystar. This year, we are seeing our customers and employees throughout Greystar truly think of WalkMe as a best in class approach to pain points and guidance at the moment of need.

After our successful pilot of WalkMe, we started with one customer in a partner department who entrusted us with their pain points. Because our customers share the success of their solutions with others, today we have more than 10 customers who rely on our team to solve their pain points and we continue to see expansion opportunities through word of mouth. We have published over 1,100 WalkMe applications and surveys collected a CSAT score of 91% for WalkMe at the close of the 2023 business year.

I have worked with my leadership to define Greystar WalkMe standards, Key Performance Indicators for WalkMe, and methods to market WalkMe as a best in class solution to our employees and customers for technology pain points across three product platforms. I created a process to manage existing solutions to ensure they are continuing to provide value and as systems upgrade am monitoring for required solution maintenance. I also communicate solution performance to customers who have requested assistance with pain points to ensure they remember to continue to own any business process changes or system changes that should be commutated about the solution for revisions.

I am the point of contact within Greystar for other departments considering WalkMe as a contract solution and seeking a demonstration and understanding of the various ways WalkMe can address their needs and challenges. I provide guidance, best practices, support, and supplemental training to other internal Greystar departments who are beginning their digital transformation journey with WalkMe or needing assistance with scaling after a WalkMe pilot.

Please share any additional information about your role in the project, your results, and/or your vision for the future that supports your submission.

I started the WalkMe journey as the builder, solution engineer, and project manager alongside a few incredible Greystar system subject matter experts. At the time, WalkMe was not my full time role but a pilot project for the Property Systems Training Department. I consumed all the available WalkMe on-demand courses, read support articles, connected with the WalkMe community, and worked closely with my CSM to plan a successful launch.

Our goal with WalkMe was to ensure our employees and customers felt relief on specific system pain points impacting their daily work in various systems. We knew this approach would benefit even the most experienced users. After release, our first survey proved our customers and employees shared a favorable opinion of WalkMe with a CSAT score of 84%.

WalkMe was a success and would be part of our digital adoption strategy moving forward. The next challenge was ensuring my knowledge of WalkMe grew and the demand would increase with news of our successful implementation. I committed to certification courses for WalkMe Builder, WalkMe Solution Engineer, and WalkMe Project Manager. Increasing my core knowledge of the product helped as we continued to scale and take on new challenging pain points.

The majority of my time is now dedicated to WalkMe. I have begun mentoring a team member to increase our capacity for solutioning. We have budgeted for the team member to take Builder 1 and 2 certification training in 2024. I continue to seek out opportunities where we can support the business through WalkMe builds in our systems for our customers in partner departments and employees. Every solution request is closely evaluated to ensure the pain points are clear and supports our efforts to make WalkMe an essential part of the Greystar best in class approach to digital adoption.

If you're using WalkMe outside of the project described in this submission, please share additional examples.

While we have historically focused our efforts on the various platforms for Property Systems Training, we are expanding into platform-agnostic products and systems that touch our PMS platforms and allow us to continue to provide best-in-class support for the moment of need to our customers in partner departments and employees. This expansion supports the Greystar business-to-customer initiative.

We also understand that our employees have different preferences and learning styles as well as unique circumstances that require trainer support, so we use WalkMe to promote other critical business initiatives for the Property Systems Training Department. We have WalkMe solutions that promote our LMS Workday Learning on-demand content, instructor-led courses, a library of quick digital demonstrations, 1:1 training session opportunities with a trainer, and weekly virtual open office hours with a trainer.

About your organization

Greystar is a leading, fully integrated real estate company offering expertise in investment management, development, and management of rental housing properties globally. The company’s business model is unique in its ability to own, operate, and develop multifamily, student, and senior housing across the globe. Building a global platform with a local presence, Greystar continues to expand its geographic reach around the world, bringing a globally interconnected professional rental housing platform and industry funded with institutional capital to countries where the sector does not yet exist.

Greystar has more than 857,400 multifamily units and student beds under management globally, Greystar provides a wealth of experience in managing all product types and servicing a diverse investor group. Greystar has vast experience and a global investment strategy, our team possesses a combination of local market expertise and the ability to leverage relationships into investment opportunities, resulting in assets under management of more than $76 billion. Greystar has a global development strategy and track record of more than $34 billion in global development assets, the vertically integrated Greystar operating platform provides professional guidance from concept to completion. In 1993, when Founder, Chairman, and CEO Bob Faith set out to build Greystar, he envisioned the need for a rental housing industry leader — a blue-chip company that operated with the highest integrity and character in delivering world-class services to residents, property owners, and investors. With a winning strategy and a focus on people, Greystar continues to meet that need, guided by the Mission of enriching the lives we touch by doing things the right way. Over the years, Greystar has learned what’s important to people when it comes to a place to call home. That’s why we continually strive to provide beautiful living environments and innovative services that enhance the living experience. We take pride in knowing that our homes are inviting places for residents to celebrate life’s important moments.