CRM software promises to streamline sales cycles.

But these ‘smart’ apps often turn out to be unintuitive, draining salespeople’s productivity and leaving them feeling frustrated.

The combination of smart tools and strong adoption translates into higher sales.


“By the numbers: What drives sales-growth outperformance”

What’s the secret of sellers that exceed their quota every month?

McKinsey & Company found that sales outperformers are 62% more effective in using digital tools.

Let your sales team focus on what really matters—selling.

With WalkMe, guide your sellers through their CRM app from day one with task-specific training and embedded content.

Use WalkMe's real-time validation tools to avoid costly data entry errors—letting you forecast your revenue goals with pinpoint accuracy.

WalkMe’s analytics identify problematic workflows so you can automate them on the fly. Spend less time navigating and more time selling.

Introducing UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™ and Salesforce® Lightning.

Automated insights uncover user inefficiencies so you know exactly how to drive higher completion rates, increase data accuracy, and boost productivity.

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After implementing WalkMe on Salesforce® for more than 3,000 employees, Thermo Fisher Scientific achieved extraordinary results:


of users use WalkMe for ongoing support.


reduction in Salesforce®-related support tickets.


improvement in data accuracy.

We want our employees to have a resource at their fingertips in case a process has changed, or they forget how to do a process, or don’t know how to initiate a process […] WalkMe’s on-screen support allows us to preempt or predict questions and concerns, instead of reacting to them. That encourages users to engage directly with Salesforce® and increases their comfort level with the platform.

Michele Giacomuzzi

Manager, Sales Enablement, Thermo Fisher Scientific