Follow digital adoption best practices for maximum results

WalkMe partnered with global analyst firm IDC to develop the essential digital adoption strategy handbook. The recently published IDC Deployment Guide for Digital Adoption outlines modern best practices for deploying and operating a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to achieve maximum results, short-term and long-term. At this event, we’ll discuss: (1) The three-phase approach you should follow when planning your digital transformation strategy (2) The first-hand experience from one customer (3) The benefits of using a blend of employee and customer engagement tactics (4) Why project governance is so important for long-term success

Each Community Meetup is inspired by an all-star customer who has a must-see WalkMe implementation.

Vivian Chiu

Process Excellence Manager at Standard Chartered Bank

Hugh Gillespie

Head of SCM Process & Business Integration at Standard Chartered Bank

Shirley Chung

Manager at Standard Chartered Bank