Get automated insights on form engagement

Uncover dead fields and blockers

Drive higher completion rates, productivity, and data accuracy

100% secure,
GDPR compliant

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Take control over your user experiences and organizational data flows.

Get automated insights into how users interact with forms.

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With WalkMe UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365TM, you can save up to:

3x Higher form
completion rate
4x Faster time to
2x More
accurate data

How does it work?

Login, add the WalkMe app from the Appsource, let it learn user interaction, get automated insights, be the hero.

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Get an automated and detailed analysis of which forms are being used, and how.


Understand how users engage with each form and respective fields so that you can fix what isn’t working, and reuse what is.

Find out where users are getting stuck,
are spending wasteful time, or abandoning processes when completing a workflow - so you know exactly what you need to do to make users productive again.


Get rid of complex and time consuming picklists and dropdown menus to keep workflows efficient and users focused on the task at hand.

WalkMe UI Intelligence is 100% secure. We are committed to protecting your information,
never collecting PII and are GDPR compliant. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

*Based on initial data, results may vary


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