Great News: Workplace Learning will Never be the Same!

The L&D profession is under increasing pressure to build a resilient, virtual learning ecosystem overnight. Traditional training models aren’t possible now, and many learning programs will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. For those forward-thinking leaders like Kaye Hacker, AVP Learning & Development at State Farm, this is an incredible opportunity to enable their organization in a radically different, and more effective, way even once our current crisis has passed.
The webinar is over
...but you are welcome
to watch the recording

The webinar is over

...but you are welcome
to watch the recording

A Seamless Experience: Just-in-Time Learning

State Farm is known for its exceptional customer experience (and hilarious commercials!). To deliver this personalized and efficient experience, support agents and team members must be properly trained and empowered to provide great service -- which is not always easy to do during times of high call volume and agent turnover. Kaye Hacker, AVP Learning & Development at State Farm, is implementing a new learning model, where training is done in real time and at the moment of need, which will deliver better results now and for years to come. Kaye will share her recommendations on how to:

  • Create a crisis-proof learning model that can grow, scale, and quickly adapt
  • Differentiate “training” and “learning,” and how to build a program that does both
  • How to give employees the right information, at the right time, to drive productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Keep employees engaged from hire to retire, especially during periods of significant change
  • Tie together all of your business processes to create a learning flow across entire ecosystem of applications
Dennis Mahoney
Global VP Professional Services  


Kaye Hacker
AVP Learning and Development

State Farm