Webinar: The Journey to
Digital Enablement

70% of failed digital transformations are due to a lack of user adoption. In this webinar, PwC shares strategies for accelerating digital adoption as well as insights from WalkMe’s latest productivity study.
The webinar is over
...but you are welcome
to watch the recording

The webinar is over

...but you are welcome
to watch the recording

Accelerating Digital Adoption

Organizations today are under pressure to do more with less. It’s no wonder many are turning to new software and cloud technologies to help drive efficiencies, open new sales channels, extend customer reach and increase revenue - they’re powerful motivators for investment.
Unfortunately, few companies are able to achieve the benefits they expect from cloud technology transformations. In fact, 75% of digital transformations fail to generate returns that exceed the original investment. Of those that fail, 70% are due to a lack of user adoption and behavioral change.
Get inspired by other industry leaders in the field and make your digital adoption practices even better, by joining our webinar and learning best practices for digital adoption and behavioral change!

Philip Grosch
Partner, Global Front Office Transformation Impact Centre Leader @ PwC

Jean Lee
Principal, People & Organization @ PwC

Brittany Rolfe Hillard
VP, Customer Engagement @ WalkMe

John Mark Ikeda
Director of Product Marketing @ WalkMe