• Simplify User Experience 37,000 Customers
  • Incoming Support Requests Double Digit Drop

Truckstop.com is the one-stop connection between North America’s commercial transportation professionals. Founded in 1995 as the first freight-matching marketplace to hit the web, Truckstop.com has grown to provide load planning and optimization, transportation management, elogs and fleet management, rate benchmarking, load payment software, insurance solutions, and powerful negotiation tools. Across the continent, Truckstop.com is recognized as a leading resource for transportation data and trends and also serves as the largest credit reporting entity in the transportation industry.

Helping our customers be successful is our number one priority at Truckstop.com. We have received world class customer care from the WalkMe team. It’s a partnership that we value, and is positively, measurably impacting our business.
- Nate Rowlan Training Manager, Truckstop.com

THE Challenge

With over 37,000 customers, Truckstop.com needed a simple solution to improve its platform’s usability – one that could be easily applied across all of its products and solutions. Customers were having difficulty onboarding and engaging with the platform, which put them at a high risk for churn. Truckstop.com was also experiencing large (and costly) daily volumes of support requests, primarily through their phone system.

As a result, Truckstop.com was looking for ways to strategically improve its customer onboarding process and overall engagement experience, while also easing the support burden by reducing the number of requests.

WalkMe allows us to facilitate on-demand, tactile (kinesthetic) learning, and impact real behavior change that benefits our valued users.

The Solution

By implementing WalkMe contextual engagement and guidance apps
Truckstop.com implemented WalkMe to provide its customers with context-intelligence on-screen guidance that simplifies their Truckstop.com digital experiences. Customers are led step-by-step through the onboarding process, learn the system in situ, and consequently recognize the value of the Truckstop.com much quicker. Truckstop.com uses WalkMe to highlight only key features that are relevant for specific users, which greatly personalizes the customer experience and increases user engagement. Some of these features include negotiation and optimization tools, and how to upgrade an account.

THE Benefits

Since adding WalkMe to its online platform, Truckstop.com has seen a huge increase in the adoption rates of its key features, such as RateMate and FuelDesk, key aspects of the company’s success – within a few months after implementing WalkMe. Customers are easily navigating and engaging with the platform, which has led to increase in customer retention, and a reduction in churn. The improvement in platform usability and the self-service options have also decreased the support burden – with a double digit drop in the number of requests for support in issues covered by WalkMe.

As a result of the customer success experienced with WalkMe, Truckstop.com has decided to expand the implementation of WalkMe tools to four additional products under it’s umbrella: CargoShield, ShipperMate, LoadPay, and Real Time Freight.

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