• NetSuite CRM & ERP Made Easy
  • Support Requests 55% Drop
  • Training and Onboarding 50% Faster
Meadows Office Interiors

Meadows Office Interiors is a market-leading contract furniture dealer creating innovative workspaces that are strategically designed to help customers improve business performance, increase collaboration, realize cost efficiencies and build brand recognition. Aligned with hundreds of manufacturers, Meadows pairs years of industry experience with the latest technology to provide a full suite of furniture, architectural interior elements, collaborative technology solutions and ongoing maintenance services.

Standardization is a must for proper reporting – if one person does not enter information accordingly, everything from our sales forecasting to our financial reporting can be significantly impacted.
- Dana Justus EVP, Technology & Marketing

THE Challenge

Meadows was looking to assist team members to navigate through the complexities of the NetSuite CRM/ERP System. They wanted to increase NetSuit user adoption, while reducing the number of NetSuite related support tickets filed by both employees and partner vendors.

“Our management team relies on the accuracy of our KPIs and reports, so giving users the ability to check their work with real-time guided assistance ensures we are confident when generating reports in Netsuite.” Dana Justus, EVP, Technology & Marketing

The Solution

By leveraging WalkMe in navigating through NetSuite, Meadows has experienced a 75% decrease in paid vendor training from an average of 3-4 hours to 1 hour of new user training. WalkMe is also being used as a step-by-step guidebook to direct the team through unique company specific business processes. As Meadows continues to grow, and refine and customize new technology deployed, it will utilize WalkMe to introduce and reinforce procedural changes, critical to its business success.

“Seeing the number of support cases decrease by over 50%, along with a reduction in onboarding training time and costs has been rewarding. Beyond user engagement, we have been able to utilize WalkMe as an analytics tool from an HR perspective. ” Dana Justus, EVP, Technology & Marketing

THE Benefits

Meadows experienced a 55% decrease in NetSuite related support cases, as well as fewer calls to its internal and external help desks along with a 50% decrease in the time and cost of training new users. The onboarding process with WalkMe was simple and efficient.

“We have completed multiple software integration projects over the last few years and the support we receive from the WalkMe team is top notch.” Dana Justus, EVP, Technology & Marketing

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