In 2020, Work from Home
(#WFH) transitioned from
a perk to a necessity.

Organizations must rely on technology, now more than ever, for business continuity and to be the bridge for communication, employee engagement, and visibility within the organization.

Bridge the #WFH Gap with WalkMe

Being disconnected
can be stressful

52% of people who worked from home at least some of the time were more likely to feel left out and mistreated, as well as unable to deal with conflict between themselves and colleagues.

-Harvard Business Review

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform bridges the gap between your business and your users, and empowers you to make the most out of your technology investment to insure business continuity.

Whether in the office or at home -

WalkMe’s transparent overlay enables guidance, engagement, and automation on any application to:

Ensure business continuity
in times of change

Keep employees engaged
and informed

Streamline user onboarding
and process completion

Gain visibility into software usage
and employee productivity

Simplify self-service support
to reduce demand on IT