Increased Conversion
Enhanced Customer Experience
Improved User Visibility

Woobot is a B2B SaaS company that lets users find, view, update and create Salesforce records directly from collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Chat.

“WalkMe guides users through our trial immediately upon signup, which produces our best sales opportunities, and ultimately increased our conversion and bottom line.”
Eric Sexton
Co-Founder and CTO, Woobot


Understand where and why trial users weren’t completing their configuration.

Woobot emphasizes self-service, and our customers want to be able to access and try our technology on their own so we offer a free trial. We know the more a trial customer engages with Woobot, they will understand how Woobot empowers their daily workflow. We were finding that many of our trial users would signup but not complete the configurations to see value in our product.

Before WalkMe we faced the challenge any company providing a free trial does: How do you measure user activity to determine which users fully enable the trial and, more importantly, of those that do not, why not? Existing tracking systems answer the questions as to who fully configured, but lack the essential pieces of the puzzle as to why customers do not fully engage with the system. Where in the process of onboarding are users abandoning the trial, and how can improvements be measured?


A seamless and automated trial setup experience.

Our primary goal is to increase the number of trial accounts that successfully complete the trial setup. With WalkMe, our trial customers are directed to complete essential onboarding goals through ShoutOuts, Smart Walk-Thrus and the Onboarding Task menu that look native to our product and branding thanks to WalkMe’s easy to use customization. We have also taken advantage of indexing our resources in the WalkMe menu for those users who prefer to venture off the guided path and explore on their own.

In order for trial customers to take full advantage of Woobot, the initial configuration and connection must be established. WalkMe drives the trial customers through the initial steps to quickly establish that connection, and then provides a guided tour through the app to ensure value is communicated and seen.


5% increase in successful trial configurations in the first 2 months.

In our first 2 months of having WalkMe live we saw a 5% increase of trial customers who installed and completed the connection process. WalkMe has impacted our top of the funnel by reducing the friction for our trial users to set up their accounts and see value. Our trial accounts represents the most qualified leads in our pipeline. It is imperative that the trial setup is quick and painless as these customers begin to evaluate the Woobot platform. WalkMe helps us achieve this.


Woobot is designed to be a self service tool that end users can install, configure and deploy in a very low touch manner. Expansion plans for WalkMe include additional onboarding pages and customer help resource pages. We will rely on WalkMe insights and visions to measure user behavior and improve the UX when and where it matters most.