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WGBH is America’s preeminent public broadcaster, with 11 public TV stations and three public radio stations. WGBH is the largest producer of PBS content for TV and the web, including Frontline, Nova, American Experience, Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, Arthur, Curious George, and more than a dozen other prime-time, lifestyle, and children’s series. WGBH is also a major supplier of programming for public radio, and oversees Public Radio International (PRI). As a leader in educational multimedia for the classroom, WGBH supplies content to PBS LearningMedia, a national broadband service for teachers and students. WGBH is a pioneer in technologies and services that make media accessible to those with hearing and/or visual impairments. WGBH has been recognized with hundreds of honors. More information about WGBH may be found at

WGBH Educational Foundation
This is the first tool I've seen which allows you to be in your production environment working as you're learning along the way; there is no need to switch to yet another application. Finding a way that can scale as more and more stations move to Salesforce for donor management is critical to our success.
Becky Levy
Associate Director of Development Services, WGBH


WGBH is the largest membership organization in New England, with over 140,000 donors. In Local Development and Marketing, the Member Services and Operation teams manage all contacts coming into the station, as well as process donations and donor data. WGBH had been managing without a training program, with very little documentation or formalized processes. It was relying on knowledge transfer and pieces of process documentation, which had no centralized repository. When the WGBH team started supporting the Contributor Development Partnership (CDP), a coalition of over 170 PBS and NPR stations across the country, it was clear that there was a critical gap in the sharing of best practices, learning processes, and training, both internally and externally, as more and more stations started participating in the CDP.

WGBH’s main goal was to find a way to document and train on the technical aspects of the daily customer service and operational tasks that were being managed by its Salesforce platform. Another key challenge was to ensure knowledge retention and mitigate the costs of having to retrain, especially for tasks employees would perform more infrequently. Since WGBH is a non-profit, training resources needed to be allocated in the most cost-effective way possible.

WGBH originally planned to use a more traditional LMS system and invest in training software to capture screencasts and create e-learning training modules. However, after seeing a demo of the WalkMe platform integrated with Salesforce, it became clear that this product was an exciting new approach to systems training which fit perfectly with the WGBH use case.


After a seamless onboarding process, WGBH was able to implement WalkMe for Salesforce quickly, with the help of its customer success manager. Instead of hiring multiple training managers, WGBH has one trainer who has learned the WalkMe platform, and uses WalkMe applications to make learning Salesforce simple. WGBH uses WalkMe for Salesforce as a way to train new users, provide refresher training, and to house process steps for common tasks. The bulk of its focus with WalkMe is within its member services department, which creates Walk-Thrus to guide users through tasks such as adding a gift, adding a new donor, or updating member information. WGBH is using WalkMe Analytics to understand how users are successfully utilizing WalkMe, and which goals users are completing.


WGBH is seeing great results since implementing WalkMe for Salesforce. The benefits are huge, compared to the minimal technology and training resources invested. WGBH is able to minimize the amount of time spent on training, and allocate these resources elsewhere. Hours and days of training employees on Salesforce are saved, because WalkMe provides guidance on the spot, drives users without complication, and delivers real-time analytics. Over 72% of Salesforce users are utilizing WalkMe in their onboarding. WalkMe also helped WGBH raise the average onboarding completion rate to 48%. Employees who have never before seen Salesforce are able to work through complicated processes the very same day, because WalkMe helps them control what they want to accomplish, without error or confusion.


“WalkMe impressed me so much that as soon as I saw my first demo I was sold. This is the first tool I’ve seen which allows you to be in your production environment working as you’re learning along the way; there is no need to switch to yet another application. Finding a way to manage all of this information quickly, efficiently, and in a way that can scale as more and more stations move to Salesforce for donor management is critical to our success. The sales cycle with WalkMe was short and the onboarding was very professional and supportive. The implementation was quick and our ongoing support team is great as well”. Becky Levy, Associate Director of Development Services, WGBH.

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