80% decrease in time to complete common processes
87% reduction in Salesforce training time
Savings of 11,000+ training hours

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WalkMe delivered a seamless in-app learning process for thousands of T-Mobile’s Salesforce users that instantly makes them more effective, productive, and happy, which drives our customer experience and bottom line growth.
Joanne Wu
Product Manager for Salesforce Transformation, T-Mobile


For T-Mobile, lead capture is a cornerstone of market segment stability and growth. To get better data and analytics on their leads and pipeline, it was imperative that T-Mobile ensure their 18,000 retail employees could easily document prospect and customer data in Salesforce.

“Salesforce use is critical to our ability to track leads, contacts, and customers. But because our employees weren’t comfortable using Salesforce, they tended to write down information on post-it notes rather than enter the data into Salesforce. Not only is this problematic for business insights, but it also meant we were losing potential sales due to poor documentation and follow through,” said Joanne Wu, Product Manager for Salesforce Transformation at T-Mobile.

With only five Salesforce admins on staff, training and supporting the massive number of Salesforce users was a herculean task. A globally distributed retail staff working in shift schedules made it a challenge to provide consistent onboarding and training—and retail turnover rates meant constant training and retraining. To top it off, training and adoption were further challenged by T-Mobile’s decision to migrate from Salesforce Classic to the new Salesforce Lightning experience in Q4 of 2017.

“Training could take as long as a week, and still wouldn’t guarantee user adoption,” explained Joanne. “Our retail employees have high user experience expectations, and lack the time and focus for demo calls and online remote support,” said Joanne. “If the training isn’t interactive, seamless, simple, and fast, they won’t use Salesforce again after the first try. We just couldn’t meet their expectations using our traditional training approaches alone.”

Complicating matters further was the difficulty in keeping pace with new Salesforce processes and updates, which resulted in feature releases without supporting training materials.The small Salesforce admin team struggled to support frequent repeat questions and the need for on-screen demos across the user base.


Joanne and the T-Mobile team knew they would need a solution that could go far beyond just guiding users through a non-interactive teaching method. A product demo showed the team that the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) could provide proactive, real-time interaction. And most importantly, its intuitive AI functionality would deliver clear answers exactly when and how the user needed them. The team was convinced that WalkMe could help them effectively achieve their mission-critical initiative of Salesforce adoption across retail stores.

The T-Mobile team worked closely with their WalkMe customer success manager to identify user pain points and software challenges related to their upcoming launch of Salesforce Lightning. By implementing Salesforce-integrated customized solutions within the WalkMe platform, the team was able to launch Salesforce Lightning with a WalkMe experience that included:

  • Welcome ShoutOuts
  • Customized WalkMe Menu with interactive Walk-Thrus
  • SmartTips for onscreen contextual guidance and form completion
  • Page overview Launcher buttons that initiate guidance
  • Links to additional Resources (documents, PDFs, articles) if more explanation is needed

The team prioritized tasks and implemented Walk-Thrus for the core processes—and designed preventative solutions for the top support tickets for maximum and immediate impact. “Because WalkMe content is easy to create and deploy within the targeted software, our admin team can move fast and transition from reactive to proactive so employees can easily access and benefit from it,” explained Joanne.

The T-Mobile team relied heavily on WalkMe Insights to understand the effectiveness of their implementation and to influence their future WalkMe roadmap. “Being able to know when they log in, how often they log in and the tasks where they got support was crucial to seeing how effective WalkMe was in terms of helping them,” said Joanne. “But it also helped us understand where people still needed help so that we could continue to build impactful solutions.”


The T-Mobile team was able to launch the WalkMe platform to its 18,000 retail store employees in just three weeks. By doing so, T-Mobile was able to grow it’s Salesforce user base from 1,000 to 18,000 users, without requiring an increase in HRIS headcount.

With all users trained and using Salesforce effectively via WalkMe, T-Mobile has seen:

  • 80% decrease in common process completion time from ten to two minutes by eliminating user confusion surrounding task completion roadblocks
  • 87% decrease in Salesforce training time from 40 min to 5 min, by creating a learning experience that teaches or reinforces concepts directly on screen.
  • Faster time to release training resources, reduced from days to 5-15 min, as the HRIS team can create content themselves and doesn’t need to rely on the training team.
  • 93% reduction in average time saved by users to access knowledge and complete processes, from 30-60 min to 2 min per process, as the user don’t have to log in to different system / search / find / read / attempt / etc.

Previously, employees could easily become overwhelmed and confused by the Salesforce systems and processes during onboarding, adding to high turnover. Thanks to WalkMe’s seamless and easy strategy for ramping employees up and providing them with real-time support, employee frustration has declined and retention has dramatically increased.

The savings to the business have been tremendous. With ~30 Walk-Thrus played 70,000+ times last year, the team estimates a savings of ~11,000+ training hours. If we factor in the usage of other WalkMe features, like the 270,000 SmartTips views, the savings only increases.

“The WalkMe Menu is a game changer because it sits in-app and removes the need to attend training or log into separate help site portals, which improves the employee experience,” explained Joanne. “The major reduction in help tickets for function support dramatically eased the support burden on the admin staff, and even as Salesforce users continually increase, help tickets continue to decline. This saves us time and money while enabling us to grow, scale, and accomplish other initiatives.”

With increased Salesforce adoption and ingrained employee usage, T-Mobile can transition more business needs to the system and ensure employees understand them thanks to WalkMe. T-Mobile has transitioned more retail employee processes over to Salesforce and added five new Salesforce Lightning user profiles with custom content supported by WalkMe’s robust Segmentation capabilities. The early success with Salesforce laid the foundation for WalkMe to expand across T-Mobile’s enterprise software portfolio, including Workday, SAP, and Kronos—currently covering 21 systems.

In the age of digital transformation, companies must quickly adapt to new technologies and applications to remain competitive and grow. For T-Mobile, WalkMe has become the go-to solution for making that adaptation simple, fast, and intuitive. “WalkMe delivers a seamless process for all Salesforce users. It makes them immediately more effective, productive, and happy, which is helping to drive our customer experience and bottom-line growth,” concluded Joanne.