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Spark Digital

25% Reduction in Salesforce User Errors
Increased Employee Productivity
20% Reduction in Training Time
"WalkMe has been instrumental in aiding our training process here at Spark. Initially we started using WalkMe for very basic guides and Walk-Thrus, but that shortly evolved into a complex, high customized training tool for our sales users. We have received extremely positive feedback since we have deployed WalkMe and have even had many other divisions of the business starting to utilize WalkMe, too! WalkMe is now regarded as a fundamental training tool at Spark with certain processes boasting a 20 min - 40 min reduction in admin time.
Highly recommended product."
Raz Raslan
Certified Salesforce Administrator, Spark Digital


As an organization that plays a pivotal role in helping companies and government entities advance their digital transformation efforts, Spark Digital discovered their own training processes had become tedious and outdated. Spark Digital’s sales onboarding experience, for example, entailed costly face-to-face classroom training and development of lengthy training content. This outdated method of learning ultimately resulted in a lack of visibility, and rendered the company unable to monitor completed training exercises. Spark Digital found that spending copious amounts of time and money on this program did not translate to higher employee productivity. Furthermore, Spark Digital realized that many basic forms were frequently completed incorrectly by both new and experienced users alike, compromising the data in Salesforce®. Spark Digital sought an all-in-one solution that could effectively train users while avoiding the costly overhead associated with delivery of traditional training.


The selection of WalkMe ispart of the bigger digital transformation initiative. Today, Spark Digital is taking Salesforce® employee engagement to the next level by incorporating WalkMe tools such as Walk-Thrus, SmartTips, and ShoutOuts. WalkMe now serves as an overlay on top of Salesforce® and functions to onboard new users, train existing users on new processes, and improve overall productivity by providing guidance in real-time. Spark Digital employees have WalkMe readily available on each page as a support player that can be utilized anytime assistance is needed through any process or training exercise.


WalkMe enables Spark Digital to provide on-screen adaptive onboarding guides and proactive help tools in Salesforce® that ultimately encourage platform engagement. As a result, Spark Digital has also been able to cut training costs and time. Moreover, the sales teams are now able to perform basic functions in Salesforce® before even embarking on a formal training program, thanks to WalkMe’s immediate on-screen guidance. Through WalkMe Insights, the Spark Digital enablement team is able to track their employee’s training completion and success rates, adding transparency to their onboarding program. Spark Digital has made strides in maintaining a high level of data integrity by utilizing WalkMe SmartTips and validation within forms, reporting a 25% reduction in errors. WalkMe’s success has rippled throughout Spark Digital’s sales organization; improving product knowledge, creating an efficient onboarding program, and interactively ensuring tasks are completed successfully by both new and existing users.