Translation into over 20 languages
Decreased Customer Onboarding Time
Cut Users' Learning Curve

ParagonEX is a SaaS provider of online trading solutions, which gives operators around the world the ability to build and manage a suite of trading apps. The company’s main product – ParagonEX WebTrader – is an online trading hub for millions of users in over 20 languages.

Since our platform is used in over 20 languages, it was important to have a solution that translated Walk-Thrus in to every language, including right-to-left languages.
Ingrid Williams
Product Manager, ParagonEX


With such a broad audience of end-users, ParagonEX WebTrader strives to provide a feature-rich trading platform that is intuitive and engaging for all users. Regardless of previous trading experience, users should receive the same high level of user experience no matter what language they speak.

Many users of ParagonEX WebTrader have no prior experience trading online, while experienced traders and frequent users would find constant assistance and suggestions annoying. A key challenge was to provide new users with the education they need to take their first steps in online trading, without hassling seasoned traders. ParagonEX chose WalkMe to get users familiar with the layout of the trading platform in a quick and friendly way, and increase engagement with key app features.


ParagonEX uses WalkMe to introduce new users to the WebTrader, presenting key features and driving engagement. First-time users are greeted immediately with a Walk-Thru introducing them to the basic functionalities of the trading platform. The WalkMe menu is available from any view – hundreds of users launch Walk-Thrus from the menu every week. WalkMe first takes users through some basic flows like opening a trade. Users also learn how to leverage unique features that set ParagonEX apart from other trading platforms, and are guided through complex concepts like navigating crowd trading data.


Flexibility – WalkMe allows ParagonEX to put the user’s experience in the hands of the Product Manager, in an almost codeless way. Once a Walk-Thru is live, it is easy to measure how users are reacting to it, and adjust it to match users’ needs.

Localization – Since ParagonEX’s platform is used in over 20 languages, it was important to have a solution that translated Walk-Thrus in to every language, including right-to-left languages.

Segmentation – WalkMe allows implementers to segment users’ experience, allowing ParagonEX to wait for conditions to be met before launching a tutorial and giving users the option to initiate tutorials as needed.

• Almost 2,500 tutorials are launched from the menu every month
• Over 2,000 users have earned bonuses with the help of the introduction Walk-Thru
• Over 1,000 users are learning to open their first trades every month

“Our WalkMe experience has been great! The Professional Services team has been incredible, they’re responsive and knowledgeable. We couldn’t be happier with our Customer Success Manager. The WalkMe Team goes above and beyond to help us turn ideas into live user experiences.

“Going forward we plan to capitalize on some cool new WalkMe features like dynamic variables, and work more actively with the WalkMe API. We’re also excited to integrate user behavior data from WalkMe with internal BI to get new insights into our traders.”
Ingrid Williams, Product Manager, ParagonEX