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Support Burden Eliminated
Form errors reduced by 82%

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine flooring, Mannington Mills, Inc., is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of residential and commercial sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors, as well as commercial carpet and rubber under the Mannington Commercial, Mannington, Amtico and Burke brands.
Mannington, after almost 100 years, continues to pursue its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and the environment through innovative product design and marketing, state-of-the-art processes and industry-leading programs.

By leveraging WalkMe as a digital adoption platform, Mannington is able to identify, locate, and solve user interface issues. This has resulted in reduced support overhead along with an 82% drop in user error rates when filling in forms.


Mannington leverages an SAP® e-Commerce Platform, Corevist, to allow customers to access their product gallery as well as place orders online. Shortly after launching Corevist, Mannington discovered customers were experiencing challenges navigating the website and searching for inventory. This user experience led to frequent support calls and emails, some of which required the attention of a senior level specialist, and contributed to skyrocketing support costs. User reports revealed that when end users were unable to utilize the search function, they resorted to placing orders over the phone, further contributing to rising overhead costs. Mannington sought a real-time guidance platform that would help users not only with search functionality but also with online ordering.


Mannington selected WalkMe Visions, a component of WalkMe Analytics, to watch, record, and analyze their user’s behavior within Corevist. Understanding how users are interacting with their platform enabled the Product team to identify and correct challenges on the back-end, eliminating the support burden as it related to search functionality. With WalkMe, the company triaged these challenges internally, without having to conduct a full code review or involving costly engineering resources. After identifying user pain points, the company implemented WalkMe tools, such as SmartTips, to validate the information entered in search queries and ultimately, to guide the user to submit an order.


Today, with no engineering support required, Mannington is able to build Walk-Thrus to accompany new updates in Corevist, engaging users and proactively supporting their customers through new processes in real-time. By leveraging WalkMe as a digital adoption platform, Mannington is able to identify, locate, and solve user interface issues which result in reduced support overhead. In fact, the company saw an 82% drop in user error rates when filling in forms after a mere three weeks of launching WalkMe. WalkMe functions as an overlay on SAP® Corevist and allows for an optimal customer journey that ensures user adoption with intelligent guidance. In combination with a steep decline in support costs, Mannington is able to identify and remedy these issues internally, contributing to a decline in overhead costs.

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