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IE Business School

82% Internal Employee Engagement
88% External User Engagement
30% Reduction in Support Burden

IE Business School, a leading higher education institute with a broad international student base, was seeking to improve their internal user experience as well as streamline their external customer journey. They wanted to implement a solution that would guide employees within Microsoft 365 CRM without increasing the burden on support. Simultaneously, they hoped to enhance the customer journey with contextual guidance and just-in-time support to reduce data errors. More importantly, they wanted a data driven solution that allowed them to pinpoint user pain points, create targeted solutions, and monitor content success.

Internally, IE implemented an easily accessible in-application help center plus on-screen contextual support for all its Microsoft 365 CRM users. Externally, they implemented WalkMe’s real-time guidance capabilities and feature alerts on their website in order to streamline the user experience, and relied on WalkMe Insights to glean analytics around the customer journey. After implementing WalkMe, IE Business School saw 82% internal employee engagement, 88% external user engagement and 30% reduction in support requests.

“WalkMe has helped us streamline communication across internal and external platforms: in our CRM as a knowledge provider and on the online application platform as an on-the-spot engagement tool. WalkMe has been integral in reducing support costs while driving user engagement and adoption.”
Andreea Ionita
Business Innovation, IE


IE Business School’s Innovation department constantly searches to innovate and improve their users’ experience, for both internal employees and external customers.
After evaluating the employee experience engaging with Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM, the Innovation department set out to provide all users with independent learning opportunities and enable them to more efficiently utilize the platform.

They also wanted to improve the external candidate’s online application journey. IE aimed to provide students with real-time guidance in a simple and engaging way, ensuring a smooth user experience and accurate data input. They also needed a more effective and engaging way to promote their programs and events to their audience. Most importantly, the Innovation team needed to be able to monitor and analyze content usage, in order to make data driven decisions to evaluate success and areas for improvement.


On Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, IE uses WalkMe to provide on-screen guidance and house a robust in-application help center. They deployed Walk-Thrus to guide employees through various workflows, SmartTips to provide contextual information on-screen, and a variety of easily accessible resources, documents, videos, and tutorials to augment the learning and support experience.

The addition of WalkMe to the external website on IE’s external website, they leverage Walk-Thrus, Launchers, SmartTips, and other tools to ensure a smooth customer journey. Thanks to WalkMe’s easy and agile creation and deployment process, the initial solutions were executed in a short period of time, with no need for changes to the underlying website. WalkMe accompanies candidates throughout complex processes to reduce confusion and increase completion rates. Relevant content is segmented to appear to specific users according to their exact location within the application journey, which ensures that the user experience is clean and support is impactful. Thanks to segmented campaigns, they are able to increase conversion.


After implementing WalkMe on Dynamics 365 CRM, IE managed to reduce support and training hours for main processes, while employee engagement on the platform rose to 82%. WalkMe empowered IE’s global employee base to achieve a higher level of autonomy using the platform on a daily basis.

On the external platform, WalkMe enabled IE to increase the website’s usability, as well as facilitate its transformation into a simultaneous communication channel. With upwards of 88% of user engagement post-WalkMe implementation, IE increased application conversion rates and reduced the admission department’s support burden.

Overall, WalkMe has allowed IE Business School to establish an optimal user experience, with minimal effort to create and maintain content, for both employees internally and customers externally.