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HimSS Analytics

Self Service Adoption Top 5 FAQs Resolved
User Engagement 10X Increase

HimSS Analytics is a global, nonprofit organization focused on better health through Information Technology. The company represents 61,000 individual members, 640 corporate members, and over 450 organizations. As a partner to the healthcare community, HimSS Analytics fosters technology-related diligence, dialogue, and collaboration among hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

HimSS Analytics is a global healthcare IT market intelligence, research and standards organization assisting clientele in both healthcare delivery and healthcare technology solutions business development to make lasting improvements in efficiency and performance. The LOGIC market intelligence tool offers the largest and most robust healthcare IT dataset in the world used for guiding healthcare IT strategies.

HimSS Analytics
Our Customer Service Team is thrilled with WalkMe and is continually finding ways to reduce support calls by implementing a simple SmartTip with a definition or adding a video to help introduce a specific dashboard to users. The team at WalkMe has been a highly responsive and engaged partner throughout the implementation.
Debra Ladd
Manager, Product Management, HimSS Analytics


HimSS Analytics was looking for a way to streamline user experience, prevent confusion, and ease navigation through the platform. The company needed a solution that would deliver on-the-spot, clear guidance for its users, alleviating their challenges without the need to reach out to a support agent.

Increasing user engagement and feature adoption was the second challenge the company wanted to tackle. HIMSS Analytics is continuously rolling out new dashboards, and needs to ensure that users see and interact with all the features that are most valuable to them. HimSS Analytics was seeking a solution that is easy to implement, and that will propel an immediate increase in feature engagement, to take the company to the next level.


Reduce Support Costs by Increasing Self-Service Adoption

In order to reduce the volume of support requests, HimSS Analytics gathered the top five commonly asked questions and created detailed Walk-Thrus for each. For example, users needed to be able to quickly “search for a facility” and “apply filters to data.” After adding real-time Walk-Thrus, showing users how to perform these actions, the goal-completion rates rose to 78%, resulting in a significant decrease in live support requests.

Additionally, HimSS Analytics has a “Need Help” support button, which users can click if they are having trouble completing a task. The button once took users to an email address, and the only option was to submit a support request. This led to a build-up of unanswered emails for the support team. HimSS Analytics decided to instead add a Launcher to the “Need Help” button, which now guides users without leaving the page, through to goal completion without the need to submit a support request. The company experienced immediate success: only one month after adding the Launcher, many users clicked the Launcher, which deflected many would-be created support cases into self-service. As a result 78% of top 5 FAQs (frequently asked questions) were successfully deflected to self-service and resolved with WalkMe guiding the users. This increase in self-service adoption resulted in a significant decrease in the number requests for manual support.

Increase Engagement and Feature Adoption

Another company goal was to increase user engagement, and to showcase its new user dashboards. To accomplish these goals, HimSS Analytics added a WalkMe ShoutOut to highlight the specific dashboard and its new features. After only a few weeks, HimSS Analytics noticed a steady 10X rise in user engagement and adoption of the new HimSS Analytics dashboard.

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