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National Association of Federal Retirees

Onboarding time reduced by 70%
75% Decrease in support requests
Seamless transition from Microsoft 365 to Cloud
"WalkMe has become our first step in training new volunteers as well as retraining regular and occasional volunteers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s the perfect tool for getting familiar with the system, as well as getting a refresher on less common tasks. Best of all, WalkMe helps the work get done. It’s far more effective than asking someone to watch a video or read a how-to."
Alex Charette
Client and IT Support Services Associate, National Association of Federal Retirees


As one of the largest non-profit organizations in Canada, the biggest challenge Federal Retirees faces is training and supporting the work of 800 volunteers at 80 branches across the country on a regular basis. Onboarding and training the volunteers, who are mainly retirees, on the Microsoft Dynamics 365® platform became a bottleneck in the organization’s mission to transform how the part-time volunteers support the organization’s members in their communities. Prior to implementing WalkMe, Federal Retirees received over 40 support questions weekly around usability and processes. This amounted to over 2,000 training hours annually in both phone support and in-person training sessions across the country. Moreover, the organization regularly incurred an excess of 16 hours of work for onboarding new volunteers monthly.


The organization’s primary challenge required a solution to simplify Microsoft Dynamics and accelerate user adoption. By adding WalkMe to their CRM, Federal Retirees’ volunteers now have contextual and real-time guidance to provide support to members as well as manage branch accounting. WalkMe applications like permalinks in Walk-Thrus, Smart Tips, Launchers, and Shoutouts also aid in error proofing, logic and validation in MS Dynamics. SmartTips and Shoutouts provide contextual guidance for their volunteers to leverage real-time in-application self-help. Additionally, with the help of WalkMe’s launchers, volunteers can now quickly access reports in the CRM that improve service and build member engagement. The organization now uses WalkMe’s training webinars, live guides and launchers to help navigate bookkeeping and build new features into MS Dynamics. Furthermore, as part of the solution, WalkMe built a shuttle for their Board of Directors to easily access their directory with a click of a button.


With the introduction of in-product support, Federal Retirees reduced the training time by 70% and decreased support time by 75% for both new and existing volunteers while improving the consistent delivery of the member experience. The widespread acceptance of WalkMe by the volunteers in Microsoft (MS) Dynamics made it easy for the organization to then seamlessly transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Knowing the value of moving all users to MS Dynamics 365, WalkMe has made it easy for Federal Retirees to communicate new features and to boost user experience to its full capacity.
When volunteers face unforeseen challenges, volunteers and trainers refer to WalkMe applications for quick and efficient solutions. With the implementation of WalkMe, transitioning to MS Dynamics and then from MS Dynamics to MS Dynamics 365, let the National Association of Federal Retirees offer a seamless digital transformation experience for their dynamic workforce.