Minimized need to hire in support and training
Onboarding is automated and scalable
Developers are focused on core

eFileFAST is the first and only e-filing companion to the New York State Courts filing system NYSCEF that reduces filing time by 90%.

“WalkMe turned out to be a perfect fit as a solution to address our technical support and customer onboarding goals. Our customer onboarding process has migrated almost entirely to WalkMe. It allowed us to quickly deliver intuitive solutions that would have otherwise required us to code and test complex application logic. As a result, my developers are able to focus on perfecting our core product, and I can focus on design and expanding our reach.”
Paul Bender
VP Application Development, eFileFAST


How do we remove the support burden from our small startup team so we can focus on developing our application?

Like many startup teams, eFileFAST questioned how their small team could operate efficiently while performing many different job roles. They specifically wanted to know how they could “provide support while also designing, developing and testing the application”. Not only did they find the answer to their question in WalkMe but they also found that they could use WalkMe to manage their other business needs such as, automating their once manual onboarding process.


A seamless and automated onboarding and support experience.

They built a help center into their application that was largely powered by WalkMe Launchers, SmartTips and WalkThrus. There, users could gain step-by-step, on-screen guidance for every part of their application. They integrated WalkMe easily and built in logic to create a completely customized user experience. Their VP of Application Development exclaimed, “what really blew me away was the flexibility of WalkMe. It took away the burden of having to code some complex logic and allowed me to deliver the same outcome quickly and easily.” The results were a seamless and automated onboarding and support experience for their users.


Developers are focused on the core application
No need to hire support specialists
Onboarding is scalable
Positive feedback from end users
Coding complexities are simplified