100% of users see new feature product updates
User engagement with WalkMe exceeds 83%
Unprecendented access to product insights and user behavior

Echo360 Turns New User Behavior Insights into More Responsive Decision-Making and Increased Subscription Renewals

The Echo360 product management team knew their approach to rolling out new features needed to change. Not only were many customers not taking full advantage of the latest functionality of their interactive video platform—but they would also call support and occasionally ask for features that already existed. Adding to the challenge, the team didn’t have access to user experience analytics that would allow them to know how to improve the product interface and new feature communication.

After implementing WalkMe, Echo360 could present the latest release information to their customers at the most effective time and place, and provide frustration-free guidance on how to make the most of the platform’s functionality. In addition, WalkMe Insights, specifically Session Playbacks, helps Echo360 accurately evaluate the user experience, enabling responsive and smart decision-making. As a result, Echo360 has seen increased feature adoption —and reduced burden on customer support.

“WalkMe is a powerful tool for helping us improve our customer experience, something we consider crucial to our mission in serving higher education customers. The ability to understand how our users are interacting with the technology gives us important insight that allows us to solve a problem or implement a solution that we wouldn’t have had without WalkMe.”
Tony Iraia
Senior Product Manager


Ensuring users get maximum value from the Echo360 platform

As a subscription-based software company, Echo360 regularly adds to and upgrades its offering, but struggled to ensure that customers adopted those features to get the most value from the platform– a key element to driving subscription renewals.

To alert customers to the newest features and functionality, Echo360 sent release notes to their subscribers every two weeks, but noticed that many customers either didn’t open or fully read them. “We got a lot of calls to our customer support team asking for features that were already announced and released in the platform,” says Tony Iraia, Senior Product Manager for Echo360. Echo360 needed an intuitive, streamlined user experience that would lead customers through its new functionality, without forcing them through long emails or training.

A lack of data leads to lost opportunities

Tony needed to improve Echo360’s user experience, but kept running into one major roadblock: he didn’t have access to data showing how users interacted with their website. “It was hard for us to tell if our users knew about our most important features and functionality and if they were using them effectively without having access to the next level of data. It was hard to know where fall-off or confusion was happening so that we could fix it to improve adoption.”

The only data Tony had was through Google Analytics, which provided some detail, but not the depth he craved. “Our engineers have their hands on the data that’s under the hood, but no one else can access it,” Tony explains.


Putting information and instruction exactly where the user needs it

Tony quickly saw the value of WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, as it allows their customers to better understand how to use the product, how to engage with new features, and what’s available to them.

WalkMe offers Echo360 a new, impactful method of communicating. “By using WalkMe, we’re able to place our release notes and other pertinent information front and center as soon as customers log into the platform to guarantee awareness,” says Tony.

The targeted and integrated experience that WalkMe provides is crucial to helping both new and existing users get all the value possible from Echo360’s services. “WalkMe’s placement of tutorial videos, animations, and support documentation creates an almost effortless learning path that is logical and intuitive,” he says.

Using data to understand the customer experience

Additionally, WalkMe Session Playbacks has alleviated Tony’s frustration around not being able to access customer behavior data, enabling him to see and understand exactly what users are doing, in real-time or after the fact. Session Playbacks capture every action a user makes—every click, swipe, scroll, or input—and can even replay the entire session, offering a clear view of the user experience.

Session Playbacks also allow Tony to strengthen assumptions he had made based on Google Analytics: while Google Analytics offers a high-level overview of customer behavior, Session Playbacks capture the granular detail crucial to pinpointing and fixing gaps, allowing them to see a clear picture of the entire customer journey.

Within Session Playbacks, Tony can create Funnels—analysis that shows how many customers fully use a feature versus how many fall off and where. “We can take that information and go back and say, ‘Well, only 20% of people are actually using this. What do we need to do to enhance that experience? How do we inform users and make it more apparent that there’s more information available? Then we can test and analyze our changes to evaluate success and iterate as needed.’”


Improved feature adoption and fewer support tickets

WalkMe Session Playbacks allow Echo360 to understand every step of the user experience and make better business decisions in light of it. The ability to better showcase Echo360’s groundbreaking features is changing the way the company does business, allowing them to drive unprecedented levels of instructor and student engagement with their interactive video platform.

Echo360 optimized their end user experience using WalkMe’s analytics features, Funnels and Tracked Events, to analyze users journeys and gain greater insight into product adoption and process completion. Using these advanced analytics, they were able to identify underutilized features in their product, make some UI modifications, and add a SmartTip to provide users with more context — resulting in an 8% increase in adoption of the feature.

On a monthly basis, about 83% of users engage with WalkMe, and 66% engage with WalkMe content more than once. Even better, when Echo360 releases a new feature, nearly 100% of administrators who log in to the product see the update. More importantly, an average of ~27% of users actually engage with the content to learn more, and in the most successful updates scenarios, up to 92% engage further. This is a huge advantage over email releases, which typically achieve a 40% open rate—and an unverifiable amount of users go on to actually explore the new feature.

Using WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform, including Visions, Walk-Thrus, and ShoutOuts, has significantly driven new feature adoption and reduced tickets to the support center. It’s enabled Echo360 to have a new level of responsiveness and insight that Tony says he “wouldn’t be able to get through any other analytics tool.”

WalkMe is part of Echo360’s vision for the future

Tony is looking forward to using WalkMe in other sectors of the business. When implemented in the support center, for example, Session Playbacks will allow Echo360’s customer support team to recreate exactly what a user is seeing and doing, allowing them to resolve tickets and troubleshoot faster.

For Echo360 and other subscription-based technology companies, success relies on ensuring current customers renew—and new customers come on board. For Tony and his team, WalkMe has been a game-changer, giving them new insights, new methods of engaging and onboarding customers. “Overall,” Tony concludes, “WalkMe is helping us provide better solutions, faster.”