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User Engagement 25% Increase
Self Service Adoption Double Digit Boost
With the implementation of WalkMe, our customers are able to onboard within our product independently and at a fast pace. Utilizing WalkMe’s smart tips and walkthrus, we are able to drive usage of our high-engagement features and reduce onboarding support calls and costs.
Domenic Grazioso
Customer Enablement Manager


DoubleDutch wanted to increase adoption of its powerful features by further streamlining the user experience and making it effortless across its platform. One of the key and powerful components of DoubleDutch’s app building capabilities is the Real-Time Survey feature. Some DoubleDutch users were confused as to how and when this will appear in their app. This resulted in users underutilizing this important feature of the app. Another example of a problem DoubleDutch wanted to address was the difficulty users encounter when trying to find and download DoubleDutch generated data.


DoubleDutch uses WalkMe to reduce support tickets and increase the level of customer adoption and engagement with some of its core functionalities.

DoubleDutch utilizes WalkMe to guide its users step-by-step to task completion for its app building feature, as well as creating polls and surveys.

WalkMe is also used to highlight where users can find the results of the polls and surveys they created. Additionally, DoubleDutch leverages WalkMe SmartTips to prevent user confusion and errors, by displaying previews on the DoubleDutch application before and during the app building process.


DoubleDutch was able to direct its users through the core functionalities of its solution without having to alter anything on their existing platform.

The addition of WalkMe reduced the incidence of support calls, resulting in a faster resolution of tickets. User adoption of DoubleDutch Survey and Poll-Building features increased significantly, as well.

In fact, DoubleDutch saw an increase of over 25% in user engagement with features powered by WalkMe.