Walk-Thrus are a series of interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen. These balloons help users act, react and progress through their business process. Users receiving help remain on site eliminating the need to go back and forth between video tutorials and FAQ’s. WalkMe guides users in real time on your site.


segDefine with whom to engage and in what language by segmenting the display.  Segment your users based on any criteria – location, role, language, among many others. Segmented display helps tailor the Walk-Thrus relevant for each user.  For example, show only to new users or show to first time visitors only.


engageEngage users with different means depending on the situation. For example start Walk-Thrus via launchers placed in FAQ pages or send links to Walk-Thrus via Emails or social media.

  • Widget
    The widget is where a user can search and run a specific Walk-Thru. The widget can appear on any side of the screen and will contain a list of Walk-Thrus, content and tailored search engine results. The simple display in non intrusive, but becomes an intuitive place where a user can search for help. 
  • Permalink
    Send a link that will automatically play a Walk-Thru, these are extremely helpful when sent in a support email, through any chat service software or social media. Agents can direct users with Walk-Thrus instead of manually directing users. 
  • Launcher
    Launchers are small floating icons or buttons that can either direct users to the widget or automatically start a Walk-Thru. Launchers are designed to mitigate common problem areas on your website. While users are on your FAQ page, they can easily click the icon to start the necessary Walk-Thru™, which will guide them through a process. 
  • Auto Play
    Automatically start Walk-Thrus for first time users to give them a brief tour and to display your features. Also use the auto play feature when a specific element is present on the screen. This feature is great for alerting customers for a user-specific reason, such as if a bill is close to due, or for any other type of alert.


  • apprInteractive to User Actions
    WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus™  can direct any user action, such as clicking, hovering, typing, refresh or a time-based action. These options allow Walk-Thrus™  to be customized to appropriately fit any user task. 
  • Automatically Adapt to Site Layout Changes
    WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus will automatically adapt to any layout change and still work the exact same way. Website layouts and toolbars change fairly often, but WalkMe won’t be affected — whereas a tutorial video needs to be redone with every change. Also, hard-coding Walk-Thrus typically need to be recreated with any minor change. 
  • Adapt to Individual Devices and Screen Sizes
    WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus will adjust to different devices and screen resolutions accordingly. Whether work is being done on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, WalkMe will appear native to the device. User issues aren’t limited to just one screen, so WalkMe works everywhere. 
  • Balloons
    WalkMe’s tip balloons are entirely customizable. Edit them to fit your site’s color and design theme. Within the balloons, you can add images, videos and links. WalkMe offers API for advanced customization. WalkMe will serve as a seemingly native help service for your site. The balloons can also have special animations calling attention to them and increasing usability. 
  • Highlight and Spotlight
    WalkMe’s Highlight feature allows you to place a border over any onscreen element. If a balloon won’t suffice, or it isn’t clear exactly what it’s referring to, highlight it! The Spotlight feature darkens the background behind the balloon to further call attention to the tip. Both tools are great for promoting or alerting your users effectively.

The WalkMe Platform

platformWalkMe™  is an innovative platform to guide and engage prospects, customers, employees or partners through any web experience.
WalkMe provides guidance and drives users to empower advanced selling, customer service, training and improved user experience.
The WalkMe™  platform is a collection of the following features: Walk-Thrus, analytics, pin-pointed search, onboarding and surveys. These modules are integrated to work seamlessly together creating a powerful and complete engagement platform.
Utilizing the platform requires no integration or changes to the underlining site.

The WalkMe platform can be used on any HTML platform accessed from a standard web browser on a PC or mobile device.
This document provides a brief description of each WalkMe module and highlights its key features.


anaThe analytics module is designed to help you understand and improve the way the users are navigating your site. Using WalkMe’s analytics and goals, you will better understand your site’s flow and how to mitigate common problem areas. [bluecheck-list]

  • Goals Easily identify if a Walk-Thru process was fully completed or if the task was performed completely, allowing you to evaluate the Walk-Thrus’ impact, and if it should be adjusted. Goals are essential to evaluate the success of your Walk-Thrus, and ultimately the ROI of WalkMe. Whether the Walk-Thru is helping a customer register correctly or buy a specific product, each Walk-Thru has a specific purpose. Goals measure the success of the Walk-Thru, regardless if the user disables the Walk-Thru before it’s completed.

Integrated Support Tools

Users can search through your entire knowledge base, forums and FAQ page to receive the help they’re looking for. The goal is for your users to receive thesupported help through your website, instead of having to search Google or YouTube for a tutorial video. The WalkMe Search Widget serves as an all-encompassing help platform.

  • Different Search Engines
    With connections to Google, Bing, Zendesk and Desk.com, the WalkMe Search Widget is able to scour all relevant documentation to assist your customers.
  • Add Articles or Videos
    You can add content that’s relevant for users, and have them stay on-point. All content can be viewed on-screen without redirecting users
  • Analyze Key Terms
    The WalkMe Search Widget allows you to analyze key terms users are searching for. This alerts you to the areas of your website that your users find more confusing. This feature also allows for predictive results, enabling you to offer assistance to  your users before they even realize they need help, thereby preventing frustration.

Onboarding Tools

onboardingSpecific tools to allow your company to automate the onboarding and training process by guiding new users through the essential introductory tasks. Measured by a progress bar, new users can receive the necessary training on their own time, while your company cuts costs and time.

Easily transition to new software and mitigate the frustration or continually onboard new employees seamlessly.

Admins can monitor the users as well and analyze what task each user performed.

Platform Features

WalkMe™  is a very robust and powerful tool, despite having a simple exterior. The tools are designed to help your company improve the overall user experience, onboarding and usability of your site. [bluecheck-list]

  • Actionable Actions Walk-Thrus actually take a user through a business process. These Walk-Thrus guide a user step-by-step through any task. Walk-Thrus can replace any “how to” question your support team receives. Save time, costs and user frustration with effective Walk-Thrus. 
  • SaaS or Self Hosted WalkMe offers our customers the choice to either self-host the Walk-Thrus on their own servers or use the WalkMe static servers. However, both implementation models require the same simple process of pasting a small snippet of code onto your website. 
  • Support http and https WalkMe supports both http and https sites. 
  • Multi Language Create your Walk-Thrus once and have the option to translate them into numerous languages. Easily enter new markets with localized Walk-Thrus and cater to those who are unfamiliar with your websites language. 
  • Overview Guide Use WalkMe to provide a basic explanation of your website to new users. Using tip balloons with “next” buttons, customers can learn a brief overview of your site’s functions and features. Using the play features, you can automatically start the Walk-Thru for first-time users.
  • Delegated Administration WalkMe offers role-based-access-control to help you control which users have access to admin functions, such as publishing. Delegated Admin allows you to distribute work based on clearance level to restrict admin processes to admin users.